Beer Chat: Fire & Ice

When I’m scanning a beer menu, the words “Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve” make all others irrelevant. The reason: Anything considered Brewmaster’s Reserve is typically available for 3-4 months out of the year and it’s gone until next year or whenever Brooklyn Brewery decides to unveil it once more. Fire & Ice falls under that category, and by the way, it’s also a porter. I like porters.

Very much like a traditional porter, you can expect the caramel/chocolate/coffee flavor but Fire & Ice has that oatmeal-y thing going on with a little something extra…Smokiness. Fire & Ice gets that smoky taste from malts that are dried with smoke from beechwood that is cut from forests in Bamberg, Germany.
The smoke in Fire & Ice makes sets it apart from other brews in its class but it is not overbearingly smoky and thus remains a classic porter because you still pick up those three previously mentioned common porter flavors.
If you come across Fire & Ice or any Brewmaster’s Reserve beer, tell your bartender you want it. Fire & Ice’s time is expiring in February. You better hurry.

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