The Best Brunch in SoNo?

Mama’s Boy’s epic brunch menu is certainly in the running.
I’ll admit, my first review (SEE HERE) of Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge wasn’t harsh, but I did nitpick and had a few small issues. Fine. Whatever. The past is the past because it passed. Or something like that. The meal in that review was when they first opened but now I think they have hit their stride, especially if and when you hit up this southern charm of a place in SoNo for brunch.
Brunch at Mama’s Boy came about after seeing photos of something on their menu…Potato, bacon and onion hash with the sunny side up egg basically smiling at me, enticing me to come get some. I kept it in the back of my mind and when my mom came to visit from Florida for a week around Thanksgiving, Mama’s Boy and all its charm seemed like a logical choice for Sunday brunch with The Fam! 
When talking drinks, you can’t pass up bottomless anything. Not on the weekend anyway.
This then logical choice is now the future go-to choice for everything brunch in the area because of inventive hand-crafted cocktails like the Got Bacon? with Rime vodka, homemade Bloody Mary mix and garnished with candied bacon and a bacon salted rim! While passing on that nearly sent me into a depression (ALL THE BACON!!!), a wise move for a few of us was going with bottomless mimosas. Bottomless mimosas at Mama’s Boy means your glass is ALWAYS full. By always I mean you take a few sips and when you turn away, your glass is full again. It’s magic, obviously. 
All the cheese!

Honeycomb. Up close.
The actual food part, when we were drinking, started with a fantastic local selection of cheeses, grilled bread, apple slices, whole grain mustard and finally, the thing that was missing on my first visit…HONEYCOMB. If you typically pass on cheese plates or charcuterie boards, don’t. It’s a fun way to mix and match flavors with cheeses, meats, fruits, and whatever else is included. You never know what you might discover. For me, I was all over the sweet, sticky, hard-candy-like honeycomb.
What did I discovered during the consumption of this cheese plate? I’m probably a bee. 
Easily the best donuts in the area.
We followed the honeycomb cheese plate up with Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. Remember how much I bragged about their red velvet cake in the first review? To me, these are in the same class. I love a good donut and these things were an example of badassery. They were hot and fresh and melted in my mouth without an ounce of denseness. Dipping in the roasted peach sauce is heavily encouraged. I’ll get these donuts on every brunch visit. 
It’s not possible to eat my computer screen, right?

House made sausage omelet with fresh herbs and a mixed greens salad.

Possibly ordering this next time; Mama’s Boy Burger. Local grass fed beef, brioche bun, house smoked bacon, pimento cheese, fried Vidalia onions, pickles, rosemary fries.
For my actual meal I didn’t need a menu. I ordered up that photo I saw a few times on the social media feeds of a bunch of friends. Besides the obvious ingredients, the potato, bacon and onion hash (gluten free, BTW) also includes crispy duck confit and the grinning and a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. I broke the yolk, swirled it so it coated the salty bacon, seasoned potatoes and pieces of duck and that was it. I don’t remember chewing, I just know it was gone before the waiter came back to ask how everything was.
For a Food Dude, it’s a tough day to admit when you’re full before dessert, but I was finished. I wanted my favorite red velvet cake so badly we all ordered it to-go. After waiting a few minutes, I was informed my bag full of cake slices were on the house! I said thank you a few times already, but seriously, that was awesome and I appreciate it 🙂 Besides the coolness of the free cake, the entire staff at Mama’s Boy truly does rock. They are accommodating, talkative without being phony, and really do know the menu and about food in general. Keep up the good work!
Is Mama’s Boy the best brunch in SoNo? It’s certainly in the conversation. I think I need to eat the hash 15 more times first 😉 
Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge
19 North Water Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 956-7171
Twitter: @mamasboyct

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, that looks good! I'll take some bottomless mimosas and let me at that cheese plate! The donuts–just amazing! Sounds like it was a great idea that you gave them another chance.


  2. Extremely glad I still believed even though I experienced a few small issues. Every new place has a few kinks but I think they've worked everything out and Chef Scott and his staff are really hitting their stride.


  3. Oh my! Those donuts look so good. As soon as I'm off this cleanse, Imma bout to have some of those. Yum!


  4. I'll meet you over there. Surely you and Jay will need someone to eat that fifth donut. But then you have the baby…

    Looks like I'll just order my own plate!


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