Loving LeFarm

Sometimes there is no hook. No rhyme or reason why. No story as to what brings me to a restaurant.
That was the case with LeFarm.
I went because I simply wanted to go for the longest time. Correction: I badly needed to go and some of my food blogger friends didn’t help the hunger for LeFarm by posting photos, raving about the food, and some swear it’s the best restaurant in Fairfield County.
If you know nothing about LeFarm, first of all, you must be an oblivious-to-everything type of person. Shame on you!

LeFarm is owned by James Beard nominee, Chef Bill Taibe (The Whelk), and anything Taibe does is all about local, farm fresh ingredients and that is no different at LeFarm. In fact, the menu changes quite a bit depending on what is seasonal and what is local. So you should expect and embrace LeFarm’s creativity, especially with Chef Arik Bensimon (Napa & Co., The Spread), who recently re-teamed with Taibe, running the show in the kitchen.

The Bensimon – Taibe reunion went down when LeFarm’s former chef, Geoff Lazlo went to head up Taibe’s other spot, The Whelk. Bensimon was working at The Spread at the time when the LeFarm job opened up and since he was Taibe’s sous chef years ago at Napa & Co., getting back together became a reality. And a damn good one for every food obsessed person in the area.
I set aside a night where I could really take my time, order a handful of different LeFarm creations, and indulge. It is important to treat yourself, you know 🙂 It’s also important to make a reservation as LeFarm is not a big place (maybe the size of a living room) and can fill up really quickly, even though it’s sort of tucked into a nook of other businesses off the Post Road. What LeFarm lacks in square footage, it clearly makes up for in flavor and freshness.
The food, you ask? Well, it’s tough to give a menu breakdown since it changes often but I don’t mind bragging about my meal whatsoever. 
I had root beer. Abita Root Beer rocks.
For drinks, LeFarm does have a tiny bar that can provide you with a mixed drink if you choose. Specialty cocktails aren’t really a thing here except for one that they dub the “Roostertail.” The Roostertail can’t be talked about because like the menu, it is ever-changing. Most of you will think I’m nuts but I liked that there wasn’t a cocktail menu because I would have felt obligated to try one. They do have some rare bottled beers but even before entering it was just about the food for me. 
Want. Again. Now.

Tiny open faced sandwich!

I glanced at the menu and fought with my own mental well-being over the choices, but I ended up ordering the delicate, thinly sliced, smoked Benton’s ham with butter beans, truffle vinaigrette and crispy pumpernickel bread; perfect for assembling mini sandwiches but the melt-in-your-mouth factor was mandatory. This was the perfect light appetizer to kick off the meal. I followed that “lightness” up with the heavier fried risotto balls with bacon-clam butter and fronions. The fried risotto balls are my new guilty pleasure app around here. It had everything you look for in an app; a crispy outside, creamy risotto inside, saltiness from the bacon with the clam flavor coming through a bit at the end. 

Bitten burger.
Up close burger.

Egg noodles with lamb bolognese with a spicy kick at the end.
My main course decision was the burger. I know, you’ll think it’s a cop out or that I was afraid to get something else but I assure you, I fear nothing. I just heard so much chatter about how good the burger was. And dammit, those whispers were so true! The beef burger uses high quality, farm fresh ground beef, cooked to my medium rare specification, with bread & butter pickles, cheddar, crispy bacon, and served on what I thought brought it all together a toasted poppy seed brioche bun. Other burger highlights…getting every topping in each bite and instead of the typical accompaniment of fries I appreciated the oven fried red potatoes with fresh herbs. It was a nice change up.   
Beautiful. #AmIRight?
For dessert, I really had a conundrum. Do I dare order the cornbread with candied bacon and maple chili gelato? Something like this would normally have “Food Dudes” written all over it but I was so full I had to go with something lighter; chocolate budino with crème fraîche and chopped hazelnuts with a nice surprise of salted caramel waiting for me at the bottom of each spoonful. The budino was very satisfying but next time I will not be able to pass up the cornbread.
When my meal was gone (read, “devoured”) I was glad that Chef Arik spotted me from the kitchen’s view of the dining room and came over to say “hello.” It gave me the chance to congratulate him and tell him how great of a job he did. The dude never disappoints.
What you should take from this review is this:
Save a bit of cash, but really it’s not THAT expensive. My meal was around $60 with tip. Make a reservation in advance so think a week or two ahead. Be sure to wave when you see me at a table. This is now, and very clearly, my favorite restaurant in Connecticut.
256 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 557-3701

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks amazing! So hungry now.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I've been wanting to go myself and the burger is on my “Must Try” list too! Sometime it's the simple things that give us the most pleasure!


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