Gluttony at its Finest at The Spud Stud

This one is straight outta the Fatboy Files, folks.
One night after a flight and a beer, I stumbled out of Two Roads Brewery. Skip the jokes about me “not being able to hold my beer,” I do just fine but without food…
You feel me?
Back to the story or lack thereof…
So I exited the brewery and in front of me was this orange food truck with a cartoonish potato holding a caricature of a blonde bombshell with the words “The Spud Stud” on the side of the truck.
Hey, they didn’t have to tell or show me anything else. Sold!
I just knew before I hopped in my car to drive from Stratford to Norwalk that I needed to soak up the booze. The Spud Stud had the remedy with their menu that does include sandwiches (hot dogs, burgers) and sides (fries, onion rings, nachos) but I had to have one of their baked potatoes with all types of wild toppings. How wild? They even offer up a breakfast potato with bacon or sausage with egg and cheese IN/ALL OVER THE POTATO. 
At first I figured I’d go with bacon and cheddar sauce but I asked The Stud’s lady and she said the bacon cheeseburger potato was a popular item so I went with it.
Out came this newborn baby sized tater, that made my left arm stronger just by holding it, smothered with cheese sauce, ground beef and greasy, crispy bacon; AKA, the perfect after beer or during beer snackmeal.
Tasty? Absolutely. Do I want to know how many calories were in this monstrosity? Hell. No.
The photo may not be pretty and eating one will make you think about cancelling your gym membership and giving up on life altogether but you’re allowed a cheat meal once in a while, right?
The Spud Stud
It’s a food truck! Its address is just where it is that day!
(203) 889-6053
Be sure to check out Two Roads Brewing for the food truck schedule!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, that looks awesome!


  2. Hope to run across this truck at some point this year! Love a good potato!


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