Beer Chat: Igor’s Dream

Igor’s Dream is a big deal in Connecticut. In fact, every year when Igor’s Dream launches at Two Roads Brewery every dark beer fanatic goes absolutely insane. I know a handful of people that even waited outside in line in temperatures well below freezing just to get their hands on a bottle of this Russian imperial stout.
Why is it called Igor’s Dream though? Here’s your crash course in Connecticut history.
Some of you not versed in CT are thinking, “Igor’s Dream? What’s this, another weirdly named craft beer?”
It’s actually not.
“Dream” is named after aviation mastermind, Igor Sikorsky, who moved his historic Sikorsky Manufacturing Company to Stratford, CT back in 1929. Sikorsky was of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish heritage and Two Roads’ headquarters is in Stratford so a Russian imperial stout to honor THE MAN made a whole lot of sense.
History lesson = over.
You see, I missed Igor Day at Two Roads. Oh, no! That definitely deserves a sad face 😦
I have no good reason as to why I didn’t go besides pure idiocy. Not only did I want the beer but I wanted the numbered bottle, signed by Sikorsky’s sons. It would have made a heck of a shelf collectible. I can’t go back and change my missed opportunity but I did luck out, at least half-way anyway. 
I recently found Igor’s Dream at a local beer pub on draft and did not pass it up.
Igor’s Dream is darker than dark and packs a punch on the aftertaste. That 10.9 %ABV no doubt comes from the use of rye in the beer and as it ages in oak whiskey barrels. It’s smooth on the sip but you certainly will get that alcohol-y finish. You will also taste deep concentrated flavors of the rye and hints of chocolate when you’re nursing this stout.
Igor’s Dream is another winning creation from Two Roads who just keep cranking out good craft beer. You should be able to find it on tap at a beer bar by you but if not, you can always pick it up at Two Roads while it’s still in season.
For the Food Dudes first visit to Two Roads, CLICK HERE!

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  1. I can't believe I still haven't been to Two Roads. Definitely putting this one on my CT bucket list!


  2. And I thought I was bad for complaining to people that I don't get there enough!

    Beer in your life is a very good thing 🙂


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