Rincon Taqueria is the Real Deal!

Best tacos in the area? Best tacos in the area.
I live for places like Rincon Taqueria. It’s an independently owned small business, they have a small menu, and it’s close to where I live. Oh, and the food does not disappoint.
I first heard about Rincon Taqueria from my food buddy, JFood. If not for his article, I may have looked past the location (across from Kohl’s, Darinor Plaza). Sure, I said it was close by, but so many businesses before Rincon, mostly all delis, have failed. 


All I had to hear about Rincon was the word “tacos” among other simple, classic Mexican cuisine staples like burritos, tamales, quesadillas, empanadas, Huevos rancheros, and a few others. In the fridge you can find already prepped empanadas, shredded pork and beef, ribs, and a few different sauces. And to drink, many different flavors of the cane sugar sweetened Jarritos sodas. 

When I stopped in, I ordered a trio of tacos; one beef, one pork, one chicken. The tacos, while small, all came stuffed to the max with plenty of seasoned, sauced and shredded meat. I loved the freshness and bit of spice that the homemade pico de gallo provided as well as the creamy coolness effect from the queso fresco and crema. If I had to pick a favorite taco, it was and usually is pork. I am curious to try the fish taco, made with lightly fried tilapia, sometime soon. 
This might be interesting for next time 😉
Tacos, like every dish at Rincon, come with arroz con frijoles, Mexican yellow rice topped with the fresh salsa, black beans, and cilantro. I could eat this rice by the bucketful with a shovel. I can’t remember eating better rice around here than the one Rincon serves up.
Besides having truly great tacos, Rincon Taqueria is extremely affordable. The three tacos and the side of rice only came to $10! And although I passed on two desserts I have a weakness for (flan and tres leches cake), this sure as heck will not be my last time visiting. In fact, I’m currently working on becoming a regular. I’ll reach that status very soon.
Rincon Taqueria
493 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 354-7313

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  1. I'm lucky that my favorite Mexican restaurant is about 1/2 mile from me, so I'm happy that you've got one close enough that you can be a regular at one too!

    This place sounds like a gem – and the prices can't be beat! I hope I get to try it one day..


  2. I am so grateful for this place! Before that it was Casa Villa (really great but in Stamford) or my gosh…Chipotle. I hate myself for admitting that but there is one close by.

    Looks like I'm done with Chipotle forever.


  3. Sounds awesome. And they got flan too! I'm putting this on my list…


  4. Denise, if you go, hit me up. I'll come have a taco. Seriously looking for any excuse to go there.


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