(Root) Beer Chat: Abita Root Beer

Spinoff? Yeah?
The Abita Brewing Company is one of a few craft beer brewers that put out a soft drink (Saranacalso does it). I applaud them for this, because while I love Abita for putting out Purple Haze, Strawberry Harvest Lager, and Strawator, I enjoy a good soda.
Abita Root Beer is worth a mention because you can find it in Fairfield County (Le Farm has it, Shake Shack has it on DRAFT!).
Their Root Beer is exceptional in the fact that it’s a throwback to the stuff your parents and grandparents used to drink when soda companies used real sugar instead of syrupy sweeteners. Abita, sticking to its Louisiana roots, uses ingredients found in the state. In both the Strawberry Harvest and Strawator they use local strawberries and in turn they use Louisiana cane sugar in the Root Beer.
The notes you can expect to taste in this nostalgic drink other than sassafras and Abita’s “secret herbs” are vanilla, and oddly enough, yucca, that their website says creates foam.
So when you don’t feel like a beer…There’s always Abita Root Beer if you can find it! Scoop of vanilla ice cream is not mandatory, but I won’t be mad atcha if you make it a float 🙂

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  1. Andrew, can't wait to try this! Love root beer and this sounds delicious. Can't believe the Shake Shack has it on tap. I think a weekend road trip on the menu!


  2. I could use a Root Beer six pack!


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