Tracking Down Tres Leches Cake

I finally found a good one 🙂 
Trying to find good tres leches cake is as easy as beating Bigfoot in an arm wrestling match, recording Nessie on film, surviving a chupacabra attack or switching things up and attempting to kidnap (abduct) an alien.
It has been forever since I’ve had good tres leches cake. And I’ve had a lot of it at places that serve some type of crap that they claim is tres leches and every time I thought or said the same thing, “This blows.” I wish I could be more specific and give you a list of bad tres leches places but most were so bad that it wasn’t even memorable. Time after time of soaking wet cake (sounds appetizing, right?) or it was too dry, too sweet, or it was overloaded with fruit or some topping that wasn’t necessary.
In fact, the last time I had tres leches cake that I actually liked it was by a common brand you might find at your local grocery store, Entenmann’s. Hey, they once had a Latin line of baked goods nearly a decade ago, no joke. 
Finally though, and after much searching and so many “Meh,” and “It’s OK,” versions of three milks cake (translated for the non-Spanish speakers), I found a goodie! 
That gem came courtesy of a taco shop that I reviewed recently, Rincon Taqueria!
On my first visit I noticed tres leches on the menu but they were all out. But on my second visit they had it and I got a small slice to go so I could eat it during my nighttime chill session. 
Rincon’s version was light and melt-in-your-mouth creamy but it was not soaked to the max with the three milks (if you must know…heavy cream, condensed milk, evaporated milk). The frosting was whipped cream based, not too sweet, and it matched the cake’s sweetness perfectly. The cake’s toppings were minimal; blueberries, raspberries, and a slice of peach. They kept it simple and that will always win me over. The $3 price didn’t hurt either! 
If you still haven’t been to Rincon Taqueria, you now have another reason to make it happen.
Rincon Taqueria
493 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 354-7313

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  1. omnomct says:

    Nothing beats an awesome Tres Leches! Gotta try this one, no doubt. Did you ever have Casa Villa's?


  2. I have not! But I love Casa Villa! Wish they were a bit closer. I'll be sure to stay for dessert next time 😉


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