Food Dudes Bites: Supper at South End

New marketing strategy: Business card and a beer.
South End in New Canaan was the location of a recent writer’s meet-up that finally gave me a real excuse to spend more than just a blink of an eye’s time in New Canaan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a hater but I have never said on a weekend night, “Yo, New Canaan is where it’s at tonight!” What New Canaan has that I love (besides Caffeine & Carburetors) are good restaurants, South End being one of those.
On the evening of the meet-up I showed up early and brought Rob along since we’ve both been pretty eager to try South End’s menu. No, really, like the entire menu, but sadly we couldn’t accomplish that in one sitting. 
Come on, that’s pretty. You know this, man.
We kicked off the happy hour/meet-up with a few drinks. Rob went with a craft beer on draft, a Sixpoint Crisp, but I had no choice but to order up a cocktail I have a weakness for…the Hemingway Daquiri, made expertly by one of South End’s bartenders, Ursula. It had some sweetness, but I sure knew that white rum was present. What can I say? I like a drink that packs a punch. In addition, South End has a big enough craft beer selection, wine, and plenty of great bourbon, scotch and whiskey choices. It’s safe to say you’ll find something you like. 
While sipping our drinks we really started to get hungry but we didn’t want to break the bank either. South End can get pricey so we decided to skip on the apps, even though the meatballs here are hyped and I can’t say no to a good meatball. But for the sake of my wallet, I passed. 
The hanger!

Rob got the grilled chicken paillard w/ endive and arugula salad, buffalo mozzarella, and cherry tomato confit
Instead of meatballs, I went with the steak frittes that came with au poivre butter, a mixed greens salad, and fresh cut fries. The choice of steak was between NY strip or a prime hanger and I ALWAYS go hanger and it was the right move. It was cooked the way I ordered it (medium rare), had a perfect crust and sear on the meat, and was so tender that I barely had to chew. I would be hard pressed to come here and not get this dish again. 
Thanks again, Chef Nick!
After the steak was gone, read “inhaled,” my meatball wish was granted! Chef Nick graciously sent over two heaping portions for all the writers to snack on. His veal, pork and ricotta meatballs are one of my top choices in the area and were packed with flavor and seasoning. When the group had their fill and left them alone, Rob and me swooped in and vultured the rest. 
We decided to skip dessert (this time) and had a beer each instead but we figured we’d leave a lot to be desired for the next visit, and there will be another visit! One thing that will reel us back in is South End’s Monday special, a burger and a glass of Bordeaux for around $20. 
So in our best Ah-nuld voice…
“We’ll be back.” And we’ll be back for that. 
South End
36 Pine Street
New Canaan, CT 06840
(203) 966-5200
Twitter: @SouthEnd_NC

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