Ripping Into a Ramen Burger

We like food crazes. Plus, at indoor Smorgasburg the line was not so bad. We had to do it! 

Bam. Ramen bun. Beef in the middle.
In the food world there is ALWAYS something that takes the nation by storm. In recent memory there is the Cronut and a chocolate chip cookie shot glass filled with milk; both by Dominique Ansel. But if you skip over the food trends in the bakery world there is something else out there and it’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
That “thing” is the Ramen Burger. 
The Ramen Burger is probably exactly what you think it is; a burger with ramen noodles as the bun. This noodle-beef creation was thought up by ramen aficionado Keizo Shimamoto (he has a blogdedicated to all things ramen.) in 2013. Heck, he even trademarked the name Original Ramen Burger™. 
While you may have heard people claim that they’ve tried one before, Shimamoto’s version is more mainstream and seems to be the consensus “original,” hence the name. 
Another shot, because why not?
The Ramen Burger is USDA prime ground chuck and between two fresh cut ramen formed “buns” that have been lightly griddled for some texture. Also on the burger is a sweet shoyu glaze, arugula, and bacon if you choose that option. We did, and liked the fatty/salty factor that the bacon added to the burger. 
To really sum up this Ramen Burger…Is weird/delicious an acceptable answer? 
Going in. And the rumors are true. My hair = Amazing.

Straight gettin it.
A bunch of the group at Smorgasburgtook a bite, but Rob and I did most of the chowing down. Some liked it, others did not. Once I got past the ramen being there and not the bun I got used to the sweet/salty/starchy combination of ingredients and actually started to enjoy it.  

I wish I could say for sure whether I would get the Ramen Burger again but it is possible, even if to try it with someone who has yet to experience this newcomer to the ramen renaissance. 
But if you’re looking to get your hands on one Ramen Burger has a stand at Smorgasburg (now outdoors for the spring, summer and fall), plus they are opening an actual storefront in NYC and a stand at the “coming soon” BERG’N, a beer hall opening this spring. Ramen Burger has additional plans to open up spots in L.A. and Honolulu. 
What’s the next food craze? Who knows? But if you have the chance, just do it, bro.
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  1. That actually sounds pretty good! But do the “bun” noodles fall apart as you're eating the burger??


  2. No! They actually stay in tact! I expected it to be a mess, but it wasn't 🙂


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