Food Dudes’ Finds: Pork Belly at Mama’s Boy

A new “shorts” series when we find a dish we really dig. 

We’ve reviewed Mama’s Boy before; see HEREfor the first and HEREfor a review of their super epic brunch. This time we try out something new where we just do a quickie (get your mind out of the gutter) of a single menu item. The idea came about because of a Saturday night trip to Mama’s Boy to watch some NBA Playoff games. I was slightly hungry and needed something small but good. Spotted on Mama’s Boy’s ever changing menu was a pork belly appetizer (a $13 gluten free option) that I thought would cure my hunger pains.

I know what you’re thinking, “Pork belly. Blah, blah. Had it before. It’s trendy. Whatevs.” Sure that may be true but this version came with creamy Falls Mill grits, a perfectly runny poached egg, bacon dust (crumble), and pickled onions. The pork belly was really tender and I kept making sure I got a little of everything in one bite and I especially made sure each of those bites had some of that rich yolk with it. This was one plate that got scraped clean and I was done with it before the bartender could ask how I liked it. 
A breakfast-like dinner is never a bad thing. And now I kinda want this for breakfast a few times per week. 

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  1. Jessie says:

    Do you think the prices at Mama's Boy are reasonable? One complaint I've been hearing from a lot of people is that it's overpriced. Still haven't been though — and my pastry chef friend has started working at a different restaurant!


  2. For the most part, yes. But the flip side is this: their apps are, but what places apps are cheap? I think the best value at Mama's Boy is their brunch menu and bottomless mimosas are a thing on Sundays.

    She left?! Oh no! I actually met her on Valentine's Day and told her how much I loved her cake. I think she even said she read my first review of Mama's Boy last year. I'll miss her cakes and she was really nice 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have never head pork belly…trendy or not. Maybe Ill have to give it a try. Michelle B


  4. Michelle, think along the lines of bacon and pulled pork. That's what pork belly reminds me of when I eat it. Give it a try!


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