The Best Pasta Ever (and its in the Caribbean!) at Gianni’s

While on my honeymoon in Aruba, the stay was falling nothing short of incredible. The weather was perfect, the water was incredible, the hotel was welcoming, and the hospitality was simply at its best.  I couldn’t imagine life being any better.
Before our arrival in Aruba, friends and family had told us about a very special place that was on the list of places to eat. They didn’t know the name of it, but it was nothing Google couldn’t handle. Arlene and I had done some searching of a place where pasta is cooked in a giant cheese wheel right in front of you; a real nice Italian place. I mean I am Italian, and it would just be unorthodox to pass this place up. Plus I was on my honeymoon. I would be a fool not to go. But could I trust a Caribbean island to supply me with good Italian food? 
We heard many good things and how the food there is excellent. This pasta cheese bowl concoction was something for a Food Dude. After our research, we found out the name: Gianni’s. It was not too far from our hotel, maybe 300 yards, if that.
We arrived at the place and were seated quite quickly. Without hesitation, Arlene and I knew what we wanted right away. We chose our antipasti as our appetizer and went with the pasta cooked in the cheese wheel. This was first, and what and experience it would be.
Our antipasti
I could sit here and tell you all about our antipasti, but let’s face it, the real story is about this cheese wheel cooked pasta. I didn’t know what to expect. One thing’s for sure, I didn’t expect what we got.  A chef rolled out a cart with a giant wheel of cheese. I was intrigued, but I knew more was to come. 
First came the oils, then came the fire. Before I knew it, the cheese wheel was spitting out flames and the chef twirled the fire from the spoon that he used to mix the melting cheese. The incredible aroma had found its way to my nose, and I began to fall in love.
The arrival of our cheese wheel
The fire is started and the cheese begins to melt
Once there was a good creamy cheesy sauce in the cheese wheel, the chef added the pasta and the seasoning. He tossed this around a bit and finally twirling it up and placing two piles of cheesy pasta on our plates. It was unbelievable. 
The mixing of the fire and the melting cheese
The chef twirls and scoops our pasta onto the plate
I don’t know how to say this and this is hard coming from an Italian, but this place had the best pasta I have ever had in all my 30 years of existence. Gianni’s was something beyond spectacular. This dish has to be their best dish on the menu. I still think about this dinner and tried to find a place here in New York that would offer up such a dish, but I have yet to discover one. Gianni’s is the only place that I can find to date. I don’t know if this is a Caribbean delicacy, but it is something that needs to come to the U.S.
Simply the best pasta i have ever had
Arlene and I have already decided that we will return to Gianni’s to taste this warm cheesy tasteful treat. If you plan to visit Aruba in the future, I suggest you put this place on your places to eat list.  You cannot go wrong. 
J.E. Irasquin Blvd. # 348
Palm Beach, Aruba 

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