Beer Chat: Brooklyner Weisse

Brooklyner Weisse is damn near impossible to find in Southwestern Connecticut. In fact, Brooklyn Brewery has a cool feature on their website that allows you, the consumer, to search for their beer in any form whether it’s in bottles in liquor stores or on tap at a bar. That being said, the nearest places where Weisse can be purchased and later consumed are a few package stores in Milford and at a chain restaurant in Orange. Damn, yo. That really sucks. 
Even though you had to read my bitching and moaning about the scarcity of a good brew, I had this problem once before when Brooklyn Radius was a thing. But you could only get it in Brooklyn. Weisse isn’t quite on that level of “hard-to-find” but up in Connecticut it sure does seem that way.
Anyway…I was able to find it on my birthday tour of Brooklyn at the end of March, and if you like a good Bavarian wheat beer and old school arcades (I hope you like throwback stuff like that), Barcade is the spot to find both. 
Craft beer + old video games = EPIC
Arcade game talk aside (shout-out to Barcade for having Punch Out and TMNT!!!), Brooklyner Weisse stands out for its drinkability. It’s light (5.1% ABV), has some fruity notes (banana & melon) with a little clove spice, and in the end it’s pretty refreshing (perfect for summer sipping). Heck, I had two.
One other note about Weisse is its cloudiness. It’s not Allagash White cloudy, but you can see the yeast in there. And beer novices, you need not fear the yeast, it’s just an unfiltered beer, it will not hurt you, it will just add to the depth of flavor.
Brooklyner Weisse, you were worth the wait and maybe, just maybe you’re worth the scarcity too. The wait may just make it taste better next time.
For more on Brooklyn Brewery, visit them online at And use that beer locator

And seriously, Barcade Brooklyn is all kinds of awesome. If you dig arcade games and craft beer, you have found heaven. 

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  1. Jessie says:

    Good call on the beer locator!


  2. Anything that helps me find beer is a damn good thing!


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