Beer Chat: Founders KBS

Founders KBS (that’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout) was sort of a myth to me until recently. I had only heard about it but I needed to see it and taste it to believe it was real. I searched for it everywhere. No liquor store could keep it in stock. And every time Ginger Man or Cask Republic had it available on draft the keg (each time) kicked in just over an hour.
When I completely abandoned hope, Instagram led me to my two saviors.
So I know that sounds a bit weird but here’s the explanation:
Jeff Marron and his girlfriend Mimi own Saugatuck Grain + Grape in Westport. I follow Jeff on Instagram and saw his photo of a bottle of KBS. I inquired as to whether he had any at the store. He said, “Contact Mimi.” She had one four-pack left and graciously agreed to sell it to me. Expensive? Sure. But it’s tough to find. I would have paid in blood and with a few organs I can live without. Luckily I didn’t have to go to such extremes except for the traffic and parking battle that is the Westport Train Station area during rush hour. 
Liquid black gold.
The next night I had to be alone to indulge in my newly acquired stout; I did not, was not and do not plan on sharing. This is obviously similar to Gollum and the ring. It’s precious, son. But hey, at nearly $10 per bottle can you blame me for being greedy? Plus, you know, there’s also the taste to consider.
If you’re new to KBS think chocolate, espresso, vanilla and bourbon. Bourbon?! Bourbon because KBS takes on some major undertones as a result of the cave aging process in oak bourbon barrels for ONE YEAR! KBS has some bitterness (70 IBU) and sits at 11.2% ABV, and honestly, it goes down smooth but this is this kind of smoothness that’ll sneak up on you.
KBS will be tough to find for most of you. Good beer bars will get it, you think you’ll have a chance and it will sell out. Awesome bars will tell you what time the keg gets tapped and this piece of advice will serve you well…When they give you that time, get there on time. KBS is a beer lover’s beer. Keep that love and the hope to track it down alive.

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