Good. But Gallo Gets an Incomplete.

There’s a lot to like about the still fairly new Italian restaurant in Ridgefield. Gallo is clean, elegant, perfect for a romantic dinner and good enough for craft beer and pizza at the bar, and worth mentioning again because pizza is worth it…they do have pizza.
When I received the invite to a blogger’s night at Gallo, I was stoked as I usually am for Italian food and in this case, Italian food paired with wine from Gallo’s extensive collection. 

The “stoked” feeling I had quickly turned into a major craving when I showed up early (as I typically do) and sat at the pizza bar. I watched the pizza chef toss dough, assemble a few masterpieces that he cooked in about 90 seconds in a good sized oven that reaches around 900 degrees.
Further info about Gallo came courtesy of GM and “wine guy,” Jeff Hennig, who was very forthcoming with other Gallo tidbits of info. He told us that Gallo features an Italian-American wine list with every glass, no matter which bottle it’s from, at a fixed price. Other cool pieces of info are that breads are all made in-house, and the only packaged items they use are spaghetti and gluten-free pasta, all other ingredients (including other pastas) are fresh. 

Filet mignon carpaccio, artichokes, cantaloupe, Parmigiano, aged balsamic. My favorite dish of the night.
It was now chow time. And sure, I could tell you what a spectacular carpaccio they served or that the lobster risotto served in an orange was different (in a good way) or how perfectly cooked and tender the filet with melted caciocavallo cheese was or how moist the carrot cake was, but I won’t get into these dishes because there was so much we DIDN’T get to experience.

Oven roasted scallop wrapped in speck, ricotta mousse, black truffle, pea puree.

Lobster risotto
You see, when we were being educated on all things Gallo, we (the bloggers) kept hearing about how expertly made the pizza was and how the salt crusted branzino and the oven roasted half chicken were essentially the restaurant’s signature dishes. And if that wasn’t enough of a tease we had to hear (and witness when we all arrived) about the Sciué Sciué, a spaghetti dish where the cooked pasta is tossed in a Parmigiano reggiano cheese wheel that results in a creamy, cheese-coated pasta. 
Halibut, crispy artichoke, spinach

Filet with caciocallo cheese, porcini mushroom sauce

Carrot cake
Is your mouth not watering for that? Mine sure was. And I believe everyone else that attended wanted some of that too. The only thing is we never got to try any of those “signature dishes.” We all joked throughout the meal that maybe we’d pool a few bucks together and buy a pizza and the pasta dish we hoped we would receive. And heck, I was serious about chipping in and sharing!
I would love to be able to give you all a complete review but without having tried a restaurant’s big time attractions, I really can’t. The food we received was nice, as was the wine, but by not serving those signature dishes Gallo missed the chance to get us to brag about the dishes they boasted about all night.
Gallo gets an incomplete. For now.
5 Grove Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 431-7726

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  1. boulevardsg says:

    Genuinely good thanks, I do believe your trusty audience would probably want a great deal more blog posts of this nature maintain the good hard work.


  2. Were all of the restaurant meals intended for hummingbirds? I am a human being and need to eat.


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