Food Dudes’ Finds: Giant Kobe Beef Hot Dog at Cask Republic Stamford

Size matters.

On Memorial Day I saw a Facebookpost by Cask Republic Stamford of something that every girl would want, something that would make any man envious…

A really long, thick Kobe beef hot dog.

I came to grips that this true foot long would not scare me, nor was I jealous. Wait, what are we talking about here? Doesn’t matter. I just like a good hot dog.
I had to try it and my chance to order one came in less than a week after visiting the Paloma Pop-Up at Harbor Point. The tiny portions at Paloma weren’t enough and I knew a trip to Cask for a cold beer and that monstrous hot dog was in order.
I kept my beer order light that night with an Abita Purple Haze on draft and immediately told the waitress of my desire to destroy that hot dog. 

So big it doesn’t fit…in the frame.
Out came this really fat, true foot long that was charred in parts with a snap-when-you-bite it casing and plenty of juiciness on the inside, and it was served on homemade, chewy bread that would be appropriate for any sausage. The condiments on the board were whole grain mustard and tomato jam that provided something different from ketchup and still gave me some sweetness. On the side were homemade and evenly salted chips and a stack of sweet pickles.
For me this was easily one of the better hot dogs I’ve had anywhere and the cool factor was that it wasn’t traditional. It was different and I’ll jump at the chance for another. 
The good news for you? It’s on the lunch menu and the dinner menu right now!
And for those of you that walked by the open window ogling MY hot dog…Get your own, man.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew, you never fail to put a smile on my face! This sounds GREAT! And served with tomato jam? Even better!


  2. Jessie says:

    Time to go back to Cask!


  3. That's what we like to hear. You can bet that anything that can be talked about in a weird way will make the blog. Wait until The Meatball Challenge on June 5. Imagine what those references will be like!


  4. Do it! Love Cask. Like a lot.


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