Vanchetta: Best. Sandwich. Ever?

I love porchetta sandwiches. I’ve had some good ones, but I’ve also had lots of failures, and now I’ve found the best one I have ever had courtesy of a local food truck.
Vanchetta IS THAT TRUCK. And I know they spend lots of time in Stamford, but if you follow them on Facebook they’ll give away their location, and I was thrilled to find out that they’ve been parking at Mr. Frosty’s in Norwalk on Tuesdays. I was even happier that they hung around the ice cream quick stop until 9, so I’d have plenty of time to get over there post martial arts training and teaching, and to feed the beast-like hunger that I work up doing what I do. Even previously to this encounter I basically Facebook stalked Vanchetta with messages like, “I’m coming.” or “Get that sandwich ready. I’m in there.” Not creepy or anything. 
Luckily for me, all the Facebook chatter helped provide an intro to Vanchetta’s owners, Andy and his wife, Ketty. They’re both extraordinarily nice peeps and they didn’t mind me snapping a few photos with my iPhone and chatting them up a bit. It also didn’t hurt that I could smell the porchetta even while standing a few feet back from the truck. In other words, I liked them before I ordered; the scent of the pork made me like them more.
My appetite on this particular night was ravenous, especially after a few hours of training and teaching martial arts, so I went right for a combo; their signature porchetta sandwich, a side of slaw, a potato side dish called Patatas Bravas, and a Pellegrino soda. All this was had for under $15.
So the sandwich…You really wanna know?
In one word for now, “EPIC.” More praise will now follow. 
Oh. God.
The sandwich breakdown: porchetta (loin and the belly), pickled onions, homemade slaw (cabbage, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, apple, onion, carrots), provolone cheese, and a touch of garlic mayo. 
Normally I’d say this is way too many ingredients on a sandwich but Vanchetta’s masterful sandwich is all about knowing when to put a little of this and a little of that here and there. In other words, restraint is key. 
Got my first stamp. I believe I’ll fill it up sooner rather than later. BTW: if you follow them on Facebook there’s a free cookie in it for you 🙂
Their porchetta is succulent and seasoned to perfection. The pickled onions are sweet and tarty. Cheese is always a good thing! And the slaw gives off elements of sweet, vinegary, and some texture. The bun is soft, yet slightly chewy, and it’s griddled, and griddled is never bad.
Vanchetta does have other sandwiches, but if you’re a newbie customer, start with the porchetta. And if you do opt for a side, go with the aforementioned Patatas Bravas. These crispy potatoes reminded me of diner home fries but on another level when topped with Vanchetta’s mildly spicy tomato sauce and a drizzling of garlic mayo.
If I failed to jazz that whole thing up for you, oh well, I certainly tried. Heck, I think I did alright. But if not, give one a try and let the sandwich pick up where I left off.
Oh yeah, and Andy, dude, you’re my new sandwich superhero.
Location: It’s a food truck! Follow them for details.
(203) 541-0354
Twitter: @vanchetta
Seemed appropriate/Couldn’t resist.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    Um, WOW. That sandwich looks amazing!


  2. You should try reliving this during the writing process. I was fantasizing about a porchetta sandwich all night!


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