Recap: The Spread’s Fireworks Party Spectacular Extravaganza Blowout Bash!

Yeah. It was that awesome. 

Dat view doe!

And another.
A seasonably warm summer night with a cool breeze was the scene for a truly epic party in South Norwalk. No, not at a bar or restaurant, not at someone’s house. We were all kind of away from it all. In fact, that “cool breeze” line at the beginning should have read, “a cooler breeze than the rest of SoNo,” because me, along with 170+ people were on a roof to celebrate The Spread’s first ever Fireworks Party.
The actual rooftop location was on top of The Maritime Garage, a place I knew existed, but had no clue it even went that high or had an accessible roof with spectacular views of SoNo and beyond, and of Long Island Sound.

Watchtower? Minus the sniper.

This “5th of July” fireworks, dinner and drinks blowout began with partygoers cooling down (or warming up) with sangria, draft beer from Two Roads, Thimble Island and Red Hook, and vodka drinks with anything that can be mixed with vodka. During cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres like crab meat topped cucumber slices, burrata and tomato on crunchy bread, and shrimp shooters were brought around and were devoured shortly after.
The summery menu continued with a delicate Hamachi crudo topped with caviar that even non-fish lovers at my table fell for after some mild encouraging. Next up was a bone-in, thick-cut, grilled and still remained juicy and tender pork chop with a side of German-ish coleslaw. 
I ate anywhere between 5 and 20 of these crab meat topped cucumber slices. Lost count.

Best potato skins ever. The waitstaff knew to stand by me while I ate.

Burrata, tomato, balsamic vinegar, crostini.

Shrimp and a shot.

Nothing says “summer” like an oyster.

Salmon, avocado puree, crostini.

A light, refreshing app; Hamachi crudo w/caviar.

That’s a food photo right there. #foodporn
And then came the break to watch the sky get lit up.
Couples, large groups, family and friends all gathered to an upper ramp of the parking structure to get an even higher up view of not only Norwalk’s fireworks, but some mentioned they could see the pyrotechnics from multiple towns. 


Ohhh! And ahhh!


Flan, anyone?
When the show(s) ended, waiting for us at our tables was a caramel flan, a light dessert to end our three-course experience.
After dessert, the two of the four owners of The Spread, Chris Hickey and Andrey Cortes, and Chef Carlos Baez grabbed the mic and thanked everyone for coming, gave a few shout-outs (and thanks for the props, fellas), and extended the party until 11 p.m.! A little more drinking, a lot more dancing and laughing, that’ll never be not met with applause!
The guys at The Spread and Chef Carlos teased about doing this again, and I know I have no bearing on that decision, but I think everyone that attended will agree with this when I shout from the rooftops, “DO IT!!!”
And now for the rest of the photos…
Drey back there killing it with the mixed drinks.

Chef Carlos working hard. Props, brother.


Shout-out to The Spread’s staff for being friendly and always on the ball.

Chris sharpening up his beer pouring skills.

My shadow (right) capturing this foursome.

A cool couple I met at the event.

Some silliness on my part.

Beer from Half Full.

Deep, yo. Deep.

And flashing a smile 🙂

The boys rapping on the mic. It was actually a speech.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. It was fabulous! Thanks for the pics. 🙂


  2. Glad you had fun! And it was nice to meet you 🙂


  3. Fun, Food, Fab Fourth. Simply perfect evening.


  4. Agree all the way!


  5. Loved your pictures last week…and love this recap too!
    Hope they have it next year…and that you remind us all to buy tickets!
    Looks fun and great view. And really, who doesn't love great food and firecrackers!


  6. I'll definitely make sure if this goes down again that I inform all my food friends. It would be cool to share this experience with all of you.


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