Good Eats at the Irvington Farmers Market

Tis the season for farmers markets! When you live in Westchester, you are surrounded by them. But what better place to shop local? Local farms, local brewers, local restaurants and food carts. It’s a Food Dude’s haven. One of the farmers markets that I did some research on was the Irvington Farmers Market, right on Main Street in Irvington, NY. It provides a spectacular view of the town, as well as the river…And hey, you get to support your local businesses when shopping at farmers markets.
I went to the farmers market with the urge to buy all sorts of goodies, but I managed to escape with some money left in my pocket, a full stomach, and a few snacks for the road, thanks to a few of the vendors there.
Applesauce from Wright’s Apple Farm
Irvington Farmers Market is located just behind the Main Street School.  There you will find all sorts of booths with vegetables, baked goods, spices, fresh meats and fish, entertainment and ready to eat foods. 
One of my favorite booths, and a big shout-out to them, was the DoughNation Pizza Truck by the people at The Cookery. Chef David DiBari’s wood-burning pizza oven on wheels. I have had wood oven pizza, but man this was good. Kudos to the chef, cause it was so good, I almost ate the bag it came in. I had the pleasure of meeting the family and they were very friendly. Though I ate my pizza in a parking lot, the service was spot on. Damn, I can’t wait to get another pie. I had the meatball, but there was a variety of pies being served up that day. You can check them out at
For some farmers market refreshments I stopped at Calcutta Kitchen for some fresh squeezed lime-aid, and I mean fresh squeezed. I watched her cut the lime and crush its juices out.
Another favorite of mine was the Champagne Kombucha Tea booth. I saw they were giving out samples, so I had to try. They brewed a non alcoholic organic tea in four different flavors. I tried the classic, the ginseng, and the ginger. I am not a fan of ginger drinks (excluding ginger ale) but this ginger tea had just the right amount of ginger. My favorite were the classic and the ginseng, so I bought a medium bottle of one and a small bottle of the other. This tea was refreshing, energizing, and when I say brisk, it was brisk. You can find out more about their teas at
I can’t leave out desert, so I took on some samples of rich chocolate brownies from Rich Brownies.  Her table was covered in a variety of brownies from s’mores, to butterfingers, flourless brownies, gluten free, and even the classic brownie. I took home a Butterfinger, a s’mores, and a betwixt brownie. Check them out at

Irvington Farmers Market takes place every Wednesday from June through September from 3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Stop by for some fresh fruit and vegetables, great snacks, and some good eats. 
Sweet fruit from Wright’s Apple Farm

More from Wright’s apple farm

Cant wait to try this

Best smelling herbs and spices

Awesome Greek yogurt. 

Had to get myself some honey
The entertainment for the evening

Lettuce porn

Irvington Farmers Market
110 Main Street
Irvington, NY 10533

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