Beer Chat: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Rogue is becoming one of my favorite brewing companies. Yes, even despite their weird doughnut beers, which you have to try even if just to get it over with and to say you “did it.”
One of their fairly common beers that I tried recently and really liked was their Dead Guy Ale. It’s a good beer to start with if you’re a Rogue rookie and if you’re just getting into the craft beer scene it’ll buy you a little bit of cred since it typically earns high marks on most beer rating aggregate sites.
This ale from the Oregon-based Rogue is maibock-ish in style due to its maltiness. Rogue even classifies it as a German maibock on its website. Besides the super badass label (see photo), you’ll find out quickly that Dead Guy can very easily be a go-to brew if you’re into the combo of malty with a bit of hop at the end.
And apparently, and since Rogue lists food pairings, it’s really good with pork and spicy food. That just makes drinking Dead Guy Ale more desirable in my book! You should get on that too 😛

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  1. The Rogue beers definitely have some cool labels – which is why I've ended up trying some of their strange flavors!


  2. Love the labels and I can't resist buying one when I see one that's a bit funkified. This one, flavor wise, isn't weird at least!


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