A Parking Ticket & Pizza at The Parlor

Yeah, really. 
One weekday night in the very recent past, I found myself hanging out at The Parlor, a pizza joint with an eclectic vibe in downtown Dobbs Ferry. About a 40 minute drive from lower Fairfield County, the Dobbs Ferry and Hastings-on-Hudson area is worth a visit and it’s a sure thing that you’ll find a restaurant or a bar that strikes your fancy. The Parlor is one of those places.
The Parlor does a lot right. It’s a good “chill” spot for people of all ages, families, and I even spotted a few folks that simply like to bring a book and binge on some pizza. The menu is pretty straightforward with starters that include a handful of different salads and small plates like wood roasted pork ribs with prune BBQ sauce, and wood fired oysters among some of them. And to drink you can easily guzzle down something as American as a PBR, you can be extra fancy and order up a craft selection or you can go straight up hood with a 40 oz Colt 45, yo. 
I opted for a root beer early on.
Mostly though, The Parlor is all about Neapolitan style pizza, and yes, the classic Margherita is on the menu. The pizza list also includes one with meatballs, one with pepperoni, and many creative choices like the clam (garlic, chili, parsley, Parmigiano), the bone marrow (vincotto, rosemary, Parmigiano), and the foie gras (honey crispy apple, shallots, Parmigiano, black pepper). 
On my visit I sampled two pizzas; the classic Margherita and Brussels sprouts with bacon, stracchino cheese, and Parmigiano. Everything about both pizzas was right on. The dough was well sea salted, which I actually like, and the sauce was a tasty but simple Pomodoro that typically accompanies Neapolitan style pizzas. The kicker, especially on the Margherita (and a few of their others), is that the mozzarella is homemade and is even served at their flagship restaurant that also rocks, The Cookery. 
Not pictured: the scissors to cut it with. Scissors?! Scissors. Cut as big or small as you want it. I dig it.

Sprouts on pizza? Why not?!
My favorite of the two was the Brussels sprouts. Sure, sprouts are the “in” thing but I can’t resist charred baby cabbages when paired with salty, fatty bacon. It’s a win every single time.
While I was maybe two slices in, something kinda crazy happened.
*Police officer walks in*
“Can I have your attention?!”
Everyone stopped talking and froze.
“I’m looking for the driver of a tan Ford Taurus, Connecticut plates, license plate number…”
Oh crap. That’s me. I go outside and think someone smashed into my car or something along those lines, but no, I was almost about to get towed for parking in front of a garage that I hadn’t even noticed.
My bad. Tow averted after a full on sprint down the street. $50 ticket accepted. Cop = total douchebag. Property owner…Equally as bad as the cop. But I get it and I’m sure it happens to this guy all the time in that area. I just wish the cop didn’t make it seem with his announcement that I was wanted for murder in a dozen states. I apologized and went back to eating pizza. 
A post-parking ticket beer, thanks to a patron. Cheers!
I’ll tell you what though, the people of Dobbs Ferry and The Parlor’s staff, thank you. So many of them asked if I was “OK” or if I needed help in some way, and luckily the tow was ultimately avoided because a guy on the street told the cop where he thinks I went to eat. That was pretty cool. One guy even came up because his table had a bet whether or not the cop was a “jerk” and gave me a ticket. He won the bet and bought me a beer.
Even with the parking ticket, the pizza was terrific, the people I sort of met were really great, and this post turned out to be one of my favorites to write 🙂
The Parlor
14 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 478-8200

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great story! Out $50.00 — but at least no tow!


  2. Great way to turn a $25 meal into a combined $75 one! But I like the story. Makes for good entertainment 😛


  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you got a $50 ticket, but at least you didn't get a $200 tow added to that! Seems like you got hooked up, and you're bashing the cop?? In Manhattan you would have been looking for your car for hours and would have paid out of your A$$ to get it back! Maybe you should stay in CT


  4. I just said the cop was a jerk and he was. It's cool that he came to get me but he was definitely one of those angrier officers.

    And keep commenting as Anonymous. People usually act tougher that way, right?


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