Uncle’s Deli Gives You The Crazy Ivan!!

Not too long ago, a fellow co-worker of mine told me a little story about a contest and a free lunch.  Did he have any idea that I saw a perfect opportunity for a Food Dude’s review? Probably not, but it had to be done. Aside from writing about food and being a photographer, I also have a day job. I work for a company called Vineyard Vines in Stamford, CT. One thing is for sure, when you work at Vineyard Vines, you get to work with some very interesting people.
Jeremy Buccolo standing outside of Uncle’s Deli in Darien with the winning sandwich
Knowing that I love food (I mean who doesn’t?) my friend and co-worker Jeremy Buccolo told me the story of how he had won free lunch for life at a deli in Darien, CT called Uncle’s Deli. Well, when someone tells you that they won free lunch for life, you want to know how. Curious if he had found a fingernail in his food, or perhaps a band aid, I interrogated him as to how this free lunch came about.
The Crazy Ivan
So here is the gist of it.  Uncle’s Deli, a deli that Jeremy frequently visits, was in need of an addition to their menu. They decided to have a contest where people would submit suggestions for sandwiches, and as we already know how it goes, may the best man (or woman) win. Obviously this sandwich had to be appetizing, but when it comes to a deli and lunch time, this such sandwich should be quick to make. Time is of the essence when someone is on a lunch break, epically when they work in Stamford and have to drive to Darien. You ever deal with I-95 traffic?
Well, Jeremy submitted his suggestion and as it turns out, He won. He created both a mouthwatering sandwich that was simply delicious and a sandwich that is quick to the creation. A sandwich served up in just a few minutes, Jeremy and Uncle’s Deli bring you…(Cue dramatic music) The Crazy Ivan! A sandwich that would make Homer Simpson proud.

The Crazy Ivan consists of crisp chicken cutlet diced with muenster cheese, red onion, crispy bacon, and Russian dressing in a panini wrap, then pressed to perfection. I’d say that’s a pretty good lunch. I had the pleasure of trying this sandwich and just the first bite knocked me off my feet. This thing was so full of flavor, hot and crispy, and all sorts of good things going on with it. The muenster cheese does this sandwich well so this is one sandwich you don’t want to sub the cheese out. The Russian dressing adds a heaping of flavor, and who doesn’t like crispy bacon? 
Mmm, So good. Look at all that crispy chicken and bacon.
A big shout out to Uncle’s Deli for having some of the best chicken cutlet I have ever tasted. The fact that this sandwich is pressed in a panini maker does it that much better, and when the cheese is melted, it keeps all the good stuff in place. So if you happen to work in Stamford and pick your lunch up in Darien and feel the need to eat while driving, this sandwich is an A+.
Working at Vineyard Vines, we go by the creed that every day should feel this good. To some it’s sitting on a beach. Maybe it’s sitting on a boat with friends with a few drinks and some fishing rods. Maybe it’s someone like the Food Dudes who strive to eat at the best places in the country, but one things for sure. For Jeremy Buccolo, it’s winning free lunch for life. 
From the Food Dudes, congratulations to Jeremy Buccolo for the win and to Uncles Deli in Darien for an incredible sandwich.  
Uncle’s Deli
1041 Post Road
Darien, CT 06820
(203) 655-9701

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    I drive by this place several times a week! Maybe I will have to stop in one day….


  2. Damion says:

    They have a large selection of sandwiches as well as the Crazy Ivan. They have some real good stuff there.


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