A Brief Bite at Boxcar Cantina

Farmers market pimpin, yo. 
The Westport Farmers Market is one of, if not my favorite farmers market in the area and they have a lot to offer. Fresh, local produce, arts & craft, home décor, baked goods, artsy activities for the kids, chef demos, they’ve got it all. It’s also a great spot to hit up for a quick lunch from one of the food trucks or vendors. One of the booths that is totally deserving of a Food Dudes shout-out is Boxcar Cantina.
On a recent trip to the WFM, Rob and I decided to get in line (and it was a legit line) for a few of Boxcar Cantina’s tacos. We each ordered one beef and one chicken tinga and to drink, a mango limeade.
At first I kind of scoffed at the price. $10 for two tacos seems a bit on the high side. But then again, Westport, their restaurant is in Greenwich, and their ingredients are locally sourced from farms mostly in Connecticut and New York. So whatever, right? As long as they’re good, yeah?
Good was an understatement. These tacos were great. They packed the meat into each hard shell taco and topped both with a fresh pico de gallo and a slightly spicy crema. They were so good that by the time I finished perfecting a few photos Rob already scarfed one down. Shortly after, I had no trouble inhaling my two tacos. Of the two, the smoky chipotle taste of the chicken was my favorite. 
Refreshing. Ice cold. Would the Westport PD arrest me if I smuggled in a nip and spiked this with tequila?
I mentioned the mango limeade and yes, get yourself one of those if you visit as a companion to the tacos. They have regular limeade, blueberry limeade and the mango that I chose. The mango took away some of the tart which I really liked. I could easily see spiking one of these with tequila. But on a hot, sunny day, this Mason jar full of limeade really did the trick and cooled me down.
The meal as a whole came to around $15, which I still think is a bit steep but I can’t knock the flavor. If you’re willing to pay for quality, go for it, and pay Boxcar Cantina a visit at the Westport Farmers Market on Thursdays from 10-2 through November 2. Btw, I’ve also heard people rave about their tamales.
After our brief encounter with Boxcar Cantina, I think a visit to their Greenwich restaurant is in order.

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