Getting “Corny” at Shake Shack

Emoji fun with sweet corn relish, ketchup and a corn dog.

Burger chain posts aren’t typically our thing but we can make an exception for REALLY GOOD ones. Shake Shack is usually in the minority and we’ve done a few posts on them before. Heck, my love of “The Shack” goes back to when the Westport, CT location opened up and I covered it for CBS. So why another Shake Shack post? Well, because I finally got there on an American holiday weekend to try their mystical Shack Corn Dog.
Shake Shack’s corn dog has eluded me for so damn long. It’s only available on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends and usually I’m busy or I have cookout plans and when I have time to go, the corn dog goes away and is off the menu 😦
This time around I had time and essentially nothing to do nearly the whole weekend and I would not be shut down again! If I didn’t get it, I would have to wait eight months and change for another crack at it. 
Seemed appropriate. The rare Shack Corn Dog about as rare as a unicorn. This is me the next time they’re available.
I showed up on a busy Sunday night in Westport and ordered the only thing I have not tried at Shake Shack, the elusive corn dog. There is nothing more American than a juicy, all-beef Vienna sausage dipped in homemade corn batter and served with a sweet and slightly spicy Rick’s Picks corn relish.
I scooped up every bit of that sweet corn relish in each bite of this classic corn dog and shoveled fresh cut cheese fries down my throat because I am an American and on federal holidays we like to get fat as a country. That’s teamwork right there.
I even thought about ordering another corn dog. Next time I know.  Plus, I had custard to think about for afterwards. I passed on the also limited edition Peach Pie Oh My Concrete since I heard they’re a bit stingy with the actual pieces of peach pie in it. Instead I devoured a scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla so fast that they should have just liquefied it and injected me instead.
Memorial Day Weekend 2015 begins on May 22. I will try to see you again, mystical corn dog.  

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  1. I love learning about these “secret items.” Will keep this in mind for Memorial Day next year!


  2. What's even cooler is that some of these places have secret menus. Shake Shack has two items that I know of. One is “chili” cheese fries: Their cheese fries topped with chopped up sport peppers for a lil heat. Two is the Quad: A no frills cheeseburger with FOUR PATTIES! Must get The Quad and report back.


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