Big & Beefy: A Quickie on Bounty Food Truck

Recently we cruised over to the Rowayton Farmers Marketto browse around and grab a little (or a lot) lunch. I had plans of buying enough produce and meat to cook at least two meals over the weekend but the forecast didn’t cooperate and a downpour ensued that put a stop to my shopping. However, Rob and I were pretty hungry and we knew even beforehand that we were going to eat at Bounty Food Truck.
Bounty specializes in ultra-beefy burgers and they use local ingredients in building their masterpieces. Their beef comes from Saugatuck Craft Butchery, the buns they use are from Wave Hill Breads, and the burger fixins’ (produce) are from Gilbertie’s Farm (Easton, CT) whenever possible. We really dig their local approach to cooking and before this farmers market trip they were on our radar for a while. 
Simple menu. Beef and fries. We like that.
Like I mentioned, it was a rainy day but this did not stop our hopes of destroying a burger. We ordered up, received our burgers and found plenty of tree cover and a bench to get sloppy with our sandwiches.
Bigger than most human heads.

Dat meat tho!
I ordered the Bordelaise Burger with caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, Malbec butter and arugula. First off, these burgers are massive and are not lacking in the juicy department. While the beef itself could have used a little more seasoning, Craft Butchery’s ground beef, especially cooked to a perfect medium rare, equates to pure love. The cheese was plentiful and melted all over the burger and the Malbec butter oozing all over the sandwich was a nice addition that reminded me of a good steak dish in burger form. 
Gotta toss in some scenery. Overlooking the marina at the Rowayton Farmers Market. This setting + burgers = WIN!
Even though I wanted a bit more salt on the patty, Rob said his Bacon Blue Burger was fine, but that burger was likely aided by the saltiness from the bacon and the overall punch that blue cheese packs.
We also noticed some folks with fresh cut fries from Bounty and we know we need to get these next time. They looked ridiculously crispy and I can’t help but think they’d be great with malt vinegar.
Keep a look out for Bounty in Fairfield County and at local farmers markets, we know we will.
Bounty Food Truck
(203) 493-1396
Twitter: @Bountyft

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  1. The food that is coming from this new wave of food trucks is incredible!!! At the CT Food Truck Festival I sampled some great offerings and the good ones just keep getting better!!

    I'll definitely be on the lookout for Bounty!


  2. I so wish I made it to that festival! But this whole food truck movement is great and we're fortunate to have plenty in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. I try to visit some of my local favorites as much as I can 🙂


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