Bistro 7: A Repeat For Their Re-Launch

Left to right: Chef Marcelino Martinez, Breno Donatti, Jeanette Vecchione-Donatti

Refreshed, renewed, rebooted, re-launched, REALLY GOOD.

If you remember, we reviewed Bistro 7 back in February of this year and we LIKED it then. Well, we were invited back for their epic return. B7 unveiled a fresher, newer menu, a few dining room changes, and a cool new chef in Marcelino Martinez that was promoted from the restaurant’s pastry chef to head chef, but more on him in a bit.

We had to toss a goofy one in there 😛
So what can you expect at the new B7?
Bistro 7 is now, more than ever, stressing a seasonal menu, and owner Breno Donatti has a promise of sorts right on the menu. There is a paragraph that emphasizes that they will use the best local ingredients possible and if they run out of something, it is because they only want to use the best stuff for their customers. We really love that about the new B7. What we liked even more is Breno’s subtle dig at Yelp because also listed on the menu is his email and phone number so if you have any comments you can contact him directly. Any owner that strives to improve and listens to his customers is alright in our book. 

Cool signage!

A damn good Whiskey Smash on the left and a classic Old Fashioned right next to it.
As far as the menu is concerned, you will find plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options to choose from, but don’t worry, meat eaters, there are a couple of steak dishes and a brand new build your own burger section of the menu. Trust us, we will be all over this “build-a-burger” in the very near future.
The soft opening consisted of a two-course meal, one appetizer and one entrée from the new menu. For our apps we chose a fresh, well-dressed kale Caesar salad and one of our faves of the night, the empanadas. Chef Marcelino’s empanadas are stuffed with well-seasoned ground beef, red onions, scallions and cheddar with a cilantro lime sauce. These crispy Spanish staples reminded me of the ones I ate growing up but the sauce took them to another level. Chef Marcelino omits the olives and I’m good with that. Olives have the ability to overpower a dish. 

Next up were the main plates. Damion went with what was possibly the most perfectly cooked salmon I’ve tried in a while; crispy skin and moist on the inside without being undercooked. The maple chili sauce and the ginger married nicely, not too much sweet, not too much heat, and very well balanced. 

I went with Chef Marcelino’s Roulade, a spinach and Applewood smoked cheddar stuffed pork loin. I typically like my pork cooked slightly more on the medium side but the savory sauce helped remedy any dryness. To me, the creative part was the side dish of zucchini and squash made to look like linguini. It was seasoned so well and with plenty of restraint on the garlic that if I didn’t know any better I would have never guessed I was eating two veggies I don’t even normally like! 
Don’t think we wouldn’t hone in on the “Batman” on Chef Marcelino’s jacket. Fun fact: He has half a Batman symbol tattooed on his arm. The other side? Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Arroz con Pollo! This was the real deal!
Even though we loved our meal, we kept going back to the menu and badly wanted to try another dish besides the empanadas that we suspected had plenty of Chef Marcelino’s Puerto Rican stamp on it…Arroz con Pollo. When I told Chef that I am half Puerto Rican and after some chatter about the dish, he offered to send one over. I was thrilled for two reasons; this, for me, is a nostalgic meal, and we heard that we were among the first to try it. It arrived, piping hot with steam from the rice and we dove in. The chicken was so tender and juicy with a simple seasoning and the rice was properly cooked and served with a spicy tomato sofrito that turned the white rice to the yellow/orange rice that I was accustomed to eating. His Arroz con Pollo is an example of how to take a classic, put your own spin on it, and make it great without changing a familiar dish too much.
If their soft opening/re-launch is any indication of what’s to come, we’re excited for Bistro 7’s future and we know their fresh, seasonal approach will keep customers interested and satisfied. We liked B7 before, we love it now.
Bistro 7
991 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 587-1287

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for this post! You just gave me a new place to try out.


  2. No problem! B7 is a cool spot. One of the few in Wilton that I actually like. Owners and staff are very friendly too.


  3. Alicia Ghio says:

    Agree 100% … I cannot wait to get back to try the Arroz con pollo!


  4. You shoulda stopped by the table! We gladly would have given you and Renato a bite 😛


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