Wild for Game at Bar Sugo’s Annual Game Dinner!

Rabbit and pheasant and quail, oh my!
Well actually that The Wizard of Oz homage to Bar Sugo’s annual Game Dinner should also include venison, wild boar, and duck. Six courses in total and that meant full bellies for the packed dining room on November 11, 2014 for this special event. I was in the house doing double duty for THIS recap post and I shot some photos for Bar Sugo. Boy, eating is hard work, bro. Sense that sarcasm? 
Duck prosciutto! The scoop is that it took six months to make it!

$65 per person didn’t only include the multi-course meal but beer & wine and a bit of duck prosciutto to snack on before the game dinner kicked off. So you want to know what we had, right? Here goes, if you couldn’t read the photo of the menu:
Course One:Pomegranate Glazed Quail- carrot puree, baby carrots, pumpkin seeds, lime crema
Course Two:Chicken Fried Rabbit- blue cheese, pickled celery, smoked Salt
Course Three:Homemade Cavatelli- duck ragu, olives, arugula, black pepper, fig compote
Course Four: Wild Boar Meatballs- bacon jam, ricotta, pickled pink peppercorns
Course Five:Pheasant alla Milanese- Patti’s lettuce, marinated red onion, oven roasted tomatoes, black truffle, shaved pecorino crotonese
Course Six: Roasted Venison Loin- broccoli rabe, chorizo, heirloom potatoes, fiore di latte, burnt 
honey, toasted faro
A favorite dish? My gosh, it’s tough to pick just one, but the venison was super tender and Chef Pat used a coffee rub on the loins to take away the natural gaminess of the deer. By serving it with crispy potatoes, you’d swear it was steak & potatoes if you didn’t already know what it was. Another goodie was something I have never tried before…quail. The sweet pomegranate glaze on the tiny grilled birds was a nice way to start. The quail dish was not filling but the meat was so damn succulent that I had to talk myself out of possibly trying to eat the bones.
Each big plate was served family style which made it easy to have as much as you wanted or as little for meal pacing out purposes. The wine, also a serve yourself thing, dangerous for some 😉 Seating for the event was community table style and something I really like because it provides a chance to make new friends. My table was full of carnivores, wine people, and one beer geek, a few of them were single ladies and extremely cool people. Thank you for that, Chef Pat! 
Chef Pat’s parents in the house!

The lovely ladies I hung out with for the evening.

Caught in the act! Wendy and Greg (left and middle) from CT Lifestyles Magazine.

Chillin between courses
Most of you already know of my affinity for everything Chef Pat does at Bar Sugo and this game dinner expressed just that. A good chef can cook you just about anything, even certain meats you may not have ever had before, and make them taste great. 
Chef Pat grilling up venison loins
These meatballs are for you.

The kitchen takes a breather after the meal and poses for a quick pic.

The Pascarella fam, post festivities.
Chef Pat told me that many people were waitlisted for this event in case of a cancellation, but one fellow in particular said to “sign him up for the next one.” Apparently it’ll be sometime in March and you can put my name right next to his on that list.
Bar Sugo
102 Wall Street
Norwalk, CT 06850
(203) 956-7134
Twitter: @barsugo

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  1. Denise L says:

    Sounds/looks amazing! I love duck prosciutto.


  2. So good! I almost thought I would see you there! Don't miss it next time.


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