“Prime” Brunch on Washington Street

Ever feel like you are the only one who has not eaten at a new hotspot? That’s how I feel about Washington Prime.
Washington Prime is a hip steakhouse and seafood restaurant in the newly erected part of SoNo and right at the end of Washington Street, you know, right before the bridge. And honestly, it’s kind of hard to miss as it is one of the only restaurants down there that boasts a decent sized patio area with plush seating. It’s perfect for outdoor cocktails and socializing if you ask me. 
Had to resist smuggling a few out.

Say “cheese!”

On the spot omelets!

Even though I’ve yet to have lunch, dinner or an entrée of any type, I did get there for their first Sunday brunch under their new format. Gone is the singular menu items and in its place is a pretty extravagant buffet complete with a raw bar (oysters, shrimp, clams), an omelet station, French toast, pastries, eggs Benedict, breakfast meats (wrap a sausage link in bacon, anyone?), a prime rib carving station and a bunch more.

Plate #1. I may or may not have eaten an oyster with French toast. And that bacon is close to that sausage. You know what that means! See video below!
Prime’s brunch is a good deal at $29.95 and there is no time limit, you can go up as many times as you’d like, and it also includes one drink that can either be a mimosa, Bloody Mary, or the classic Russian drink that implores vodka, lime and ginger beer…the Moscow Mule, served ice cold in the standard copper mug. I’m not really a vodka dude but I could down at least a handful of these bad boys. They kept “The Mule” as it should be, simple, and I dig that. 
For Muthaaaa Russia! Yeah, I’m not Russian.
Dat carve tho!

My version of steak & eggs is a sausage, mushroom and Swiss omelet with prime rib.
If you’re asking me for brunch highlights, sure thing. First, don’t miss the seasoned, rubbed up, and perfectly cooked prime rib. Also not to miss is the pastry selection, gluten free French toast (they use rice flour), omelet station because you need this with your prime rib or do as I did and get crazy with a sausage, Swiss and ‘shroom omelet and have the steak with it, because steak & eggs. Make sure you hit up that raw bar especially if that’s your thing, slurpers. And for the health conscious there is plenty of fresh fruit and a do-it-yourself yogurt and granola station that I opted for because I really packed it in during this brunch. 
Oysters, just chillin.

Clams, also chillin.
This doesn’t go with the raw bar but I had to put it in somewhere (insert “that’s what she said” joke).
It’s evident that Exec Chef Jared Falco and his staff know what they’re doing and it was clear during the brunch service. Nothing was ever “out” and the service, when needed, was impeccable. I loved their brunch format and honestly, they’re one of the only restaurants in SoNo doing it buffet style and I think people will dig that. In fact, there was congregation outside before they opened waiting to get in! 
From the mini photo shoot in Washington Prime’s wine room, I give you, the man, Chef Falco.

A little B&W in the wine room.

I didn’t forget to crop. Thought the chair was cool. Art, yo.
As of now though my full Washington Prime review is incomplete. I would easily come back with family or friends but for me it acted as a long “appetizer” before the future dinner that I am planning to have there real soon. Chef Falco is doing some cool stuff that mixes classic steak house with new age techniques and I am very intrigued with the idea of stopping back in for supper.
Washington Prime
141 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 857-1314

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