The Burger, Perfected, at Burger Barn

By definition, serendipity is an unexpected yet fortunate discovery. That’s how the text books put it anyway. I would say the same about a place called The Burger Barn. To have an understanding of why this place is serendipity, I must enlighten you with a short story. I drove home from work one day and decided to do a little exploring of the town that neighbors where I live. I started driving down a main road and what to my wandering eyes should appear? A sign that read The Burger Barn, and from that moment on, it remained in my mind. Short, sweet, and simple. I went home, checked it out online, and my wife and I ate dinner there the next night.
Ole Glory hanging on the dining room wall.
The Burger Barn is right on route 100 in Somers, NY.  Route 100 is a main strip that goes on for miles that connects several cities and towns. Being that I cross over it every day coming and going to work, I would find it beneficial to explore its inhabitants.
Well played. I’m sure we have all seen this.
My wife, Arlene, and I decided that being it a weekend, we should probably check this place out at a later hour. We knew that the average dinner time would be a difficult time to get a table so best to wait out a bit. Her and I did a little research on Burger Barn and had ideas of what we were going to order. One thing in particular was the bacon, truffle oil mac and cheese. 
The truffle mac and cheese before we destroyed it.
The Burger Barn is a decent sized place, which offers plenty of parking. For nice days, there is seating outdoors, but the dining room itself offers plenty of seating. We didn’t get a good look, but there appeared to be a bar area as well, but this came as no surprise seeing the large list of craft beers scribbled on a chalk board. For the beer enthusiast, this was quite an attractive list.  I can only imagine that the list changes, but it was a long list for a burger joint.
The list of beers on display in the dining room.
Right when we were seated, I took to myself to get a few shots of the place. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the popcorn machine that sits at the front of the restaurant greeting those coming in from the cold. There was a fresh batch of popped corn ready for those in need, and it looked like self-serve by the trays that sat atop.
Arlene and I took no time to order our truffle mac and cheese, but added a little extra to the mix. This place was new to me, therefore I had to make somewhat of a pig of myself and order an extra appetizer. On the menu was pretzel sticks served with homemade cheese dip. Why not add that to the list of things I was going to consume there? When we ordered the mac and cheese, our waitress told us that it was her favorite. So judging by the opinion of the waitress and the many pictures of the mac and cheese on line, we knew this was a sure thing.
Delish! Look how gooey.
I scanned through the list of burgers that they had and I seemed to focus in on the John Hancock Burger which is labeled their signature burger. A burger topped with a fried egg and American cheese on a brioche bun. Being it the signature burger, I had to do it. We Food Dudes sort of live by a tradition that we always go with a classic or a house favorite at a place. I chose the signature burger, and Arlene chose the G.O.A.T. burger, which stands for “Greatest of All Time.” This was topped with arugula and melted goat cheese. I was thinking about getting this burger, but I know I’ll order it the next time I am there.
When we were presented with our food, the truffle mac and cheese was served in a crock bowl topped with melted cheese, resembling a French onion soup. Our pretzel sticks were served to us in a wire basked and man did these things look great. The pretzel was the first thing I tried, and it was incredible. It was served warm as it should be, where the outside had a little crisp to it and the inside was nice and soft. Dipped in the home made cheese sauce, this was amazing. Now the mac and cheese? Forget it.  I almost lost it and started dancing on the table this was so good. I say this with a clear conscience that this was the best mac and cheese I have tasted. Not just the best, THE BEST! Bacon truffle oil makes everything better, and it made this mac and cheese a dish for the Gods. A lactose intolerant person would have downed this, not caring about the percussions. It was so gooey and warm and all sorts of amazing things. I mean, just look at the pics.
Now I have traveled near and far and tasted many burgers of the United States. I have even been dubbed the burger boy by my fellow Food Dudes. To say this, I have to sit back and take a deep breath, because I am not sure I have ever crossed this line, but this burger has retired me from burger joints. Why? I have found the best burger I have ever tasted in my entire life. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I may never be able to review another burger place knowing that I have tasted what I believe to be the best beef patty that America has to offer. The beef was the best. It was cooked perfectly. I order my burgers medium well and Arlene takes her’s medium. I knew mine was cooked to my liking, but she made note that her burger was cooked just the way she wanted it as well.  Hats off to the chef. I ate my perfect burger topped with the fried egg like I was on death row and it was gonna be pulled from my grip.
The John Hancock Burger.
Some of the best fries I have tasted. 
The Burger Barn has a great verity of burgers, but also offers other dishes as well. One thing in particular that I can’t wait to try there is there mac and cheese burger. I saw this on their Facebook page, but this is offered as a special. I’ll be sure to be back when this is offered. And for those who like having a little drink with dinner, they have a pretty fantastic looking drink selection. The Burger Barn has shown me the light of what the perfect burger is. I have been converted.
I was a fan of how we were presented our bill. Could not have said it better myself. 
The Burger Barn
289 Route 100
Somers, NY 10589
(914) 276-0600

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    OMG… This post is making me hungry…. The truffle mac n cheese looks mouthwatering, and nothing beats a burger with an egg on it!


  2. Damion says:

    The truffle mac and cheese is truly amazing. Its a sure thing to get if you stop in. You will be impressed.


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