Philly Phlashback: A Return to Pizzeria Vetri

We back!
Sitting at the pizza bar was an experience. Your appetite will build watching the chefs pound, flip, top and cook.
Indulging at Pizzeria Vetri is a Food Dudes tradition when we’re in Philly, and yes, we know it hasn’t been open for a decade, but we went a few weeks after it opened and fell in love (READ OUR FIRST REVIEW HERE). Almost a year to the date of our first visit we went back, thus making it a tradition!
Verdict: Yeah. It’s still f*cking awesome.
Rob and I were excited to get back to Pizzeria Vetri during the planning stages of our food-filled long weekend. And Damion, well, he sort of needed a do-over because after he ran the Philly Half Marathon a year ago, he just didn’t feel like binging on pizza. We felt like we owed it to Damion to recreate the meal he essentially missed out on. Yeah, sure, this is normally not the food blogger way to get almost the same meal again and we know we’re supposed to try new things and blah, blah, blahblahblah. In all fairness, the menu hadn’t changed all that much and we were totally cool with that.
We went back to the Wood Oven Salad that is different now because of a season change. In September it had roasted corn, chanterelle mushrooms, prosciutto cotto and fresh green beans. Ordered it again, would order it every single time. The fall mix consists of roasted pears, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, baby heirloom carrots, prosciutto cotto, and provolone. Philly in the fall? I’m down just based on a salad. 
And you thought you knew what love was…
For pizza we had to show a bit of restraint (a word not typically used when discussing pizza). Restraint, why?! Well, we ordered a classic Margherita with that fresh, but simple sauce and that familiar texture of the dough that was so great the first time. Light, chewy, a slight crunch, salted to perfection. They nailed it again and I have yet to taste a pizza around here that I thought was superior. 
Oh. Baby.
Back to the restraint thing, sorry, got all wrapped up in the dough. Restraint because Pizzeria Vetri now offers single slice of Sicilian. Say that 10 times fast. So after two slices of their traditional pie we each had a thick slice of Sicilian topped with some salty and incredibly amazing salami. The dough on the slices was thicker as a Sicilian is but it was super light and a few months later I’m still experiencing single slice Sicilian withdrawals.
For dessert we were all over the soft serve that I downed within seconds the last time (I’m brain freeze immune, suckas!). We each ordered a twist (half fiordilatte, half cappuccino) but the ice cream machine was not cooperating! *gasp* Oh no 😦 
The staff apologized and tossed us a free Cookie Jar that’s actually a bag of creative takes on Italian cookies. In the bag was fennel biscotti, polenta gnocchi, rosemary olive oil, and chocolate biscotti. We quickly disposed of these terrific confections and then magic happened…The ice cream machine was back! So the good folks at PV offered us the soft serve too! We accepted. We packed it in. And we’re forever grateful for another amazing experience.
Btw, cool news alert! If you didn’t know, Pizzeria Vetri is expanding its Philly Empire to the Rittenhouse section (Chancellor Street) with plans to open in the spring of 2015 and apparently more locations are in the works. We’re excited because in our book if there’s more than one location that obviously means we have to go more than once! See you soon!
Pizzeria Vetri
1939 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 600-2629
Twitter: @PizzeriaVetri
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