Beer Chat: Allagash Farm to Face

Feels like it has been a while. Welcome back, Beer Chat! 
I’ll admit it, tarty and/or sour beers are mostly not for me. I’m in the majority that thinks and knows that beer should taste like beer and I look for that in my craft selections. I do, on occasion, make exceptions if a beer is not mouth-puckering sour.
Recently I noticed that my local beer bar (The Ginger Man, if you must know) received a handful of bottles of Allagash Farm to Face that I had to try. Why? I like the beers from the Allagash Brewery and two, it’s really freaking limited.
I scurried on over on a Friday night and ordered a 12.7 ounce bottle for a steep $22 but I was able to reason with the price since I figured I may never see it again. When the bartender asked for a sample, I obliged because he too may never get to try it again!
What I got when I tried it was a pleasant surprise. This wild American ale was a drinkable 5.7% ABV that was more tart than sour with a good amount of peach running through it. Upon further investigation I found out that Farm to Face incorporates fresh peaches (three pounds per gallon) from Applecrest Farm Orchards in New Hampshire after the fermentation process and takes 10 months for a finished product.
I’m hoping to track down another bottle or two to hang on to for special occasions or to share with some friends, but I seriously doubt my luck. If you can find some, and sweet/tart brews are for you, buy it quickly.
It’s a cheesy line to end with but Farm to Face made my Friday night just peachy.

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  1. Jessie says:

    $22?? Ooof! But I do love Allagash. Their White is on tap at a lot of places, and I recently found Allagash Black at the liquor store the other day — it was just as delicious as the White!

    I will share this with my sour-beer-loving friend Doug.


  2. Oh yeah, it was steep, but somehow worth it with it being a limited release. Allagash Black is good too and so it the White. The White is a good starter beer for people wanting to get introduced to the craft beer scene.


  3. How neat that they use local peaches like that! Allagash beers are usually winners–I'll have to try this if I come upon it!


  4. I may go on the hunt for some in the next day or two. I'd like at least one more bottle.


  5. I just discovered Allagash this summer in Portland. Can't wait to try this one! Thanks.


  6. If you actually went to the brewery you can call me jealous! 😛

    A visit to Allagash Brewery is on my list of things to do.


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