Beer Chat: Stone Enjoy By IPA – 12.26.14

A beer that must be gulped down by a certain date with a limited time to do so, yeah, that’s real, and all you IPA lovers can thank Stone Brewing Co. for their Enjoy By series.
Enjoy By IPAs are those brew pub selections you had to notice on any beer menu, the numbers definitely stand out and crave the attention of your eyes. The dates change and they rotate in and out and at this time of year I finally got to taste one when the 12.26.14 was available at Little Pub Wilton.
I’m not really an “IPA guy” but Stone is one of my favorite breweries and is easily one of, if not THE BEST in the states, so for me, that made trying an Enjoy By an easy decision.
So what’s the reason for Enjoy By’s date?
Well, Stone is going for maximum freshness with each Enjoy By release. The 9% ABV IPA does not lack for hoppiness (no, that’s not a happiness typo) so if that’s your thing, IPA nerds, you’ll be into it. At first sip and a few after that, I really liked the 12.26.14 but after a while it wore me down. I didn’t get the citrus all that much but the floral notes were evident. Despite its high score on most beer rating sites, it wasn’t for me and I almost left half to a third of it in the glass. But again, I think Enjoy By will satisfy the needs of the IPA posse.
Hit up the Enjoy By IPA page at to track down each release and if you need it, to see how much time you have left to enjoy Enjoy By before its expiration date.

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