Beer Chat Special Edition: Food Dudes Visit NEBCO!

It’s the New Year! We’ll be honest, the three of us are not real big on resolutions but you can bet on this, we will drink more craft beer in 2015 and a lot of that sipping and savoring will take place locally and from local breweries.
One popular brewery in Connecticut and in nearby areas is the New England Brewing Co., you know, the good people that bring us good stuff like Gandhi-Bot, Fuzzy Baby Ducks, and my personal favorite…Imperial Stout Trooper.
Rob and I thought it would be a good idea a few days after the year 2015 began to make the 30+ minute drive from Norwalk to NEBCO which is in Woodbridge and just outside of New Haven. Before we hit the road we heard stories of legendary lines at NEBCO due to the increasing popularity of their brand and that includes some of their rarer selections. We’ll admit, it frightened us, but we went for it anyway. 
When we arrived at NEBCO we noticed that the parking lot was quite full and wondered how long this might take. We noticed people jumping out of the cars with growlers in hand ready to fill up. Had we come on a day where a limited beer was being released? Why didn’t we bring growlers? We felt slightly out of place, after all, we just wanted a beer. We then quickly realized that you can’t walk up to the bar and order a pint.
The way NEBCO works is, well, they do growler fills. It’s not your typical brewery where you can kick back and relax. It’s a fill-up-and-go kind of place. Even though this was unbeknownst to us when we showed up, we honestly didn’t care.
Why, you ask?
The second we walked in we stood in line and were handed a free sample of Coriolis, a hard to find double IPA with a 99 rating on Beer Advocate. Neither of us had ever tried it before so that was a win in our book. But a 99? Seriously? That’s like that teacher that would never give you 100 on a test even though you got everything right. 
Aside from Coriolis, NEBCO had Gandhi-Bot on tap too (a double IPA with a 97 rating that we LOVE). We immediately knew why it was packed in the tasting room with these two brews on tap. Also on tap that day was Fat-Ten-Er #12, a smoked porter, and Motuekamauke that’s on the lighter side and made with New Zealand hops. 
Even though the line took an hour to get by, it was totally worth it to get a sample of Coriolis and the best part…You ready? The beer at the brewery is ridiculously affordable. When we got up to the counter we were not only given more tastes of other beers but I got 32 ounces of the limited Motuekamauke for $6! Sure, I had to pay for the growler which was another $5 but now that I can keep reusing it I know I’ll return many times over. Most fills were around that price or a few bucks more for the 32 oz. and about double that for the 64 oz. growler. If you’re curious, you’re allowed to fill three growlers but only two can be of one type of brew.

Other notes:

  • NEBCO takes cash and credit for beer and merchandise purchases.
  • Word is that they’re happy to offer a quick tour if you show up early enough.
  • If you stop by on the last Friday of every month they have Final Fridays, three beers for $5.
  • Easy on and off the Merritt Parkway. The brewery is located sort of behind the Jaguar dealership.
  • The owners have a very friendly Black Lab that greets customers 🙂

Brewery Hours
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – CLOSED
Wednesday – 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Thursday – 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday – 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday – CLOSED
Hit up New England Brewing Co. online at and stay tuned to their Facebook Page for brewery updates!

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