Bar Food Served Up to Impress at 105-Ten

I feel like every time I go to a bar and grill type of joint, the food is usually mediocre. For starters just about every bar and grill has the same kind of bar food. You can always expect to find a burger of sorts, and of course your standard chicken wings. I mean most places I walk away with a pleased stomach and subsided hunger painss, but how do I put this? I am never really impressed. 
I had heard about a place called 105 Ten. This particular place is located in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  Talk about a unique twist on a name, the place gets its name from…well…the zip code of Briarcliff Manor. I am a little embarrassed to say that I didn’t catch this the first time I heard of the place. As oblivious as I was, I really liked the name. I read about 105 Ten in Westchester Magazine and this is what finally drew me to the place. Skimming through their menu on line, my wife and I knew that we had to check this place out.  I saw pork belly sliders on the menu so this was a sure thing that I had to try.   
French Dip sandwich with a mountain of fries. 
On a Friday night after work, she and I decided to take a spin by in hopes that we would be able to get a seat. It was fairly new, but as I like to see it, if I have not been there then it is new to me. It wasn’t a long drive before we got there but when we arrived, the parking lot was filled. I am pretty sure I got the last spot. A packed place is a good sign. 
As no surprise, when we entered we were informed of a wait and went to the bar until we were called. We both grabbed a small drink, and before we knew it, we were sitting at a table. They were pretty fast with the wait time so another good sign. Arlene is a fan of chicken wings, so of course she suggested we get a plate. This was a good choice because these chicken wings were pretty good.  They were not like your standard chicken wings. They were boneless but even so, they were much different from the standard boneless large chicken nugget kind of chicken wing. These were more like a popcorn chicken kind of chicken wing. They were called boneless chicken bites made with a house blend of BBQ, buffalo, and chipotle sauce. They were not too spicy and pleasing to the palate.  I could have eaten two plates of these things on my own and they are not small plates. As an appetizer there is plenty to go around.
Our plate of amazing chicken bites
For my main, I chose the French Dip. This was the first time that I had ever seen this version on a menu so this was something I had to get. It was a steak sandwich on focaccia bread topped with sautéed onions and melted mozzarella. The kicker was the side of dipping sauce. So here is the best way I can describe this dish. Picture a French onion soup.  Take out the bread, onions, and cheese.  You are left with the brown soup. Now take the all the stuff you removed from the soup, add sliced steak, and build a sandwich. I dipped the sandwich into the juice as I am sure that’s the purpose. Delicious. I had ordered a side of roasted Brussels sprouts not knowing that my dish came with fries, but was glad I did. The fries were cut thin, fried to crisp, and were not over the top with salt. All in all they were very good. Now these Brussel sprouts? Very, very impressive. Not sure what the chef did or how he did it, but these things were so full of taste. They had a little burn to them but the kind of char that is on purpose. This added extra flavor to these little green morsels.
The ever so tasty Brussels sprouts. 
Arlene ordered the burger sliders from the appetizer menu because she wanted to go with something not so filling. These little buggers were loaded up and looked amazing, but tasted even better. A good choice of beef was used to make these tasty little sliders. They were topped with bacon jam, melted brie and truffle aioli. It is a sure thing that this will be an appetizer for me next time.
How good do these look?
Going back to what I was saying about bar and grill kind of joints? 105 Ten is above them all. They don’t have your typical bar and grill food. I am sure you may find something along the lines, but they have a unique spin on what they are serving up. For a store front bar and grill, they have plenty of seating, a well-stocked bar, and a service that’s right on the money. I am impressed. 105 Ten has earned a customer for life.  
They even gave me my own little jar of ketchup for my fries! 
105 Ten Bar & Grill
127 Woodside Ave.
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
(914) 236-3651

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  1. Alicia says:

    French Dip is one of my favorite pub meals. Looks like I need to add this spot to my list!


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