Breathtaking BBQ Bliss Done Texas Style

Let’s face it, we all love BBQ. Whether it’s smoked ribs, chicken, burgers, or brisket, we love it. If you are an American you should appreciate a good ol’ BBQ from time to time. Living in the north, New York to be exact, you don’t come across many BBQ joints that live up to their name when they call themselves “southern style.” We all know that some of the best BBQ, the real BBQ, comes from the south.
Y’all want some good ol’ BBQ you better head south of the Mason-Dixon Line! Well to my dismay I stumbled upon a true dive of that breath taking BBQ bliss. I first read about Round Up Texas BBQ & Tumbleweed Saloon in Hudson Valley Magazine. I figured since such a place existed where I could find true BBQ Texas style, why not “Food Dude” the place? The little BBQ joint on Route 9 in Cold Spring, NY is owned by true Texans who brought their delicacy here to the north. We pay homage to them for bringing mouthwatering hickory-smoked, dry-rubbed meats to our area. 
Seating indoors
I decided to venture to Cold Spring to have myself a taste of this BBQ with a dedicated following.  As those who know me, they know I am an avid traveler to the south, and a BBQ buff so this place was going to be a treat. I ventured to Texas BBQ with my wife so I knew we would be sampling several different things. 
Texas decor
Getting here was interesting. At first passed the place, realizing the red structure in the back of the lot. It sticks out like a sore thumb and I manage to miss it. But the building is set in the back of the lot, all big and red. Beside it, you see several trailers, which I later learned that you order from.  Arlene and I came here during the winter and noticed that beside the restaurant there were a bunch of picnic tables that were out of commission for the season and a stage covered in snow. This was a good indication that we should return for the summer months for some outdoor BBQ and entertainment. Upon entering the red structure we were greeted with the nostalgia of Texas. All sorts of Texas memorabilia dressed the walls and tables.
More Texas decor 
A menu draped the wall beside the window where we ordered at and we took to it. There was an endless variety of goodies that jumped out at us…too many to even list, so we took to the ones that seemed appropriate at the moment. I ordered myself a brisket dog, a hotdog topped with brisket, and a 1/3 rack of ribs. Arlene ordered a six piece chicken wings and we got a side of mac-n-cheese.
Delicious dry rub ribs
Upon getting our food, our senses ran wild. The chicken wings and ribs were all dry rubbed and had that delicious crispy outer layer, and the juicy insides. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone. They had a nice dry rub outer layer, but slid right off the bone once I took my first bite.  \One bite into them and my mouth was filled with a delicious hickory smoked flavor that was just right. It wasn’t too strong, and it wasn’t too weak, but just the right amount of pleasure. The brisket dog was my favorite of the select dishes we ordered. It was a normal sized hotdog but it was piled with the moist brisket. The brisket was the best I ever had. Again, this had a beautiful hickory smoked flavor to it. 
Brisket dog. Amazing!
The mac-n-cheese was something special for sure. It wasn’t your typical mac-n-cheese. Not that boring kind but this was incredible. Mac-n-cheese mixed with chopped jalapenos. I took my first bite and tasted the zing. Arlene and I ordered an eight ounce cup but after we fought for the last bit, I knew that next time we would have to order the next size up. 

The menu has a large variety to choose from whether you are looking for chicken, beef, burgers, and brisket, or hotdogs, it’s all there. If you happen to be a fan of the Texas style BBQ or just any BBQ at all, than this place has to be on your bucket list. I traveled 30 minutes to eat at this place for 15 and it was well worth it. In fact, I already want to go back. 
Round Up Texas BBQ and Tumbleweed Saloon
2741 Route 9, Cold Spring, NY
(845) 809-5557
Check them out on Facebook

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