Beer Chat: Lawson’s Super Session #2

At the end of 2014 a microbrewery in Warren, Vermont invaded Connecticut in the most positive way possible…with beer. Lawson’s Finest Liquids, known for their Sip of Sunshine IPA and Super Session #2 was now in my home state brewing beer at Two Roads Brewery.
I was a newbie to anything to do with Lawson’s but I heard rave reviews. Tracking down a place that actually had Sip of Sunshine in cans or a beer bar that had Super Session on tap proved to be a tough task. When I had time to go out for a cold one it seemed as though it was always sold out and restaurants and bars were clamoring just to get the stuff in stock.
Finally, and by a stroke of good fortune, I happened to be at Washington Prime in South Norwalk when I was informed that they has SS #2 on draft. Wuttt??? Yeah, I’ll have one of those!
This golden/amber colored IPA is on the lighter side at 4.8% ABV and to me it wasn’t so IPA-y. If you read these Beer Chats you know I’m not a hoppy beer kinda guy and SS #2’s hops weren’t so in your face. This was a refreshing, drinkable, fruity, citrusy beer that I legitimately could have guzzled.
I can’t wait to get my hands on another taste of Super Session #2 but that may be getting greedy since its availability is limited in Connecticut. I do, however, have to get my hands on a bunch of cans of Sip of Sunshine. Sip, I’m coming for you.

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