Burger Bulletin: Cask Republic Burger

Last month I was invited by Cask Republic’s GM, Casey Dohme, to photograph the Iron Bartender Cocktail Competition at the Stamford location. I obviously could not pass up a chance to see the area’s best bartenders creating and mixing. All that fast and furious action in tight quarters resulted in lots of ducking, dodging and squeezing by on my part. All this went down while I was taking photos, scribbling down notes and chatting with the competitors. Stuff like that sure can make a guy hungry.
When the contest ended I knew I had to scarf something down before I hit the road back home. I remembered that I once heard whispers about Cask’s burger and how freaking good it is, so I made my way to the bar and ordered up a brew and that very burger.
Cask’s burger lived up to the hype. It wasn’t this monstrosity of a sandwich but it wasn’t too small either, it’s just right. The juicy burger came out as ordered, a perfect medium rare, and it was well-seasoned too. It came topped with gooey, white cheddar, tender grilled red onion, and fire roasted tomato jam. I put on just a dab of Heinz and destroyed this thing in what had to be under three minutes. It comes with more than a handful of Cask’s fresh cut fries, a guilty pleasure by themselves.
A simple burger, not many frills, and but expertly made. Sometimes that’s all you need.
Cask Republic
191 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 348-2275

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