Delectable Dishes at Social On 6

One of the best perks of being a Food Dude is that you get invited to some restaurants to try their cuisine. Sometimes it’s a well known town favorite, and sometimes it’s a place that is up and coming and new to the area. A few weeks back, we were invited to try a place in a town where I grew up.  Mahopac, NY.  I haven’t visited Mahopac in some time but knew of the recent rise in businesses.
Social on 6 has been around for a little over a year. They took over the building that once was…well…home to a rather unique business. How you say a bit of a tease? (Cue chuckle). I am sure no detail is needed for the locals, but let’s just say it was a club focused more for the men. That’s all not important, but what is, is this new place that came by surprise.
I drove past Social On 6 once before and was surprised to see new residents moved in. The building went through an impressive make over and was quite appealing.  From the outside it looks small, but once you are through the doors, you enter a large dining room with tall ceilings, beautiful woodwork and warm atmosphere. The walls are decorated with what seems to be paintings from local artists and the bar is well stocked, bright, and comes equipped with several large flat screens for your viewing pleasure.
On this particular night, I visited the restaurant with my wife, Arlene. We were seated right by the window right near the heater to keep warm. We promptly received our menus and our waitress took our drink order.  I had to ask what was popular because this was my first time here. She suggested a few popular crowd favorites, but I decided to just order my classic old fashioned. Arlene chose the French martini. During or wait, we received some fresh bread and olive oil to hold us over until the drinks came. 
This is something that I have to note. The old fashioned that I had was easily one of the best ones I have ever had.  I have tried my fair share done with different whiskeys and in different cities, but this was remarkable. I was impressed. Hats off to our bartender whoever she was. It was made just right. Of course I had to go with Makers Mark Whiskey.  
As an appetizer, Arlene and I ordered the crab cakes, but her dish also came with a salad which was beautifully dressed and very fresh. Our crab cakes came out nice and hot, cooked perfectly. They had a little crisp to the outside, but were warm and soft on the inside. The remoulade and corn relish added a nice kick to it. When our main course arrived, it was time to devour. I hadn’t had a burger in a while so I had to try one. There was a burger on the menu called The Social which made me assume this was a signature dish. This was a burger made of their house blend, topped with Vermont cheddar, bacon, and caramelized onions. This was a doozy. A well sized burger with a pickle garnish and some golden crisp fries. The beef in the burger was delicious and seasoned just right. Whatever their house blend is, it’s working. There were some specials that night and Arlene chose the shrimp scampi over risotto. I snuck a bite and could tell that they were using fresh shrimp. The risotto was delicious. In fact, I think it would serve well as a regular dish. Not too many places can deliver a good risotto but this place did. 
As full as we were, we were given a dessert menu, but I knew what I wanted. Earlier that week I was checking out the Social On 6 website and saw they had crème Brule. This is one of my favorite desserts so we had to get it. Our ramekin filled with deliciousness came out and stood no chance.  Arlene and I devoured it in no time. I’d say it lasted about 75 seconds on that table. The brown sugar crust was so delicious and the cream was so sweet. I love this dish. Get it if you go. It’s a must.

I walked into Social On 6 not knowing what to expect. I walked out highly pleased and with a new restaurant added to the list of places I will revisit. More importantly, I am glad to see new businesses booming in Mahopac. When we arrived it was 8 at night and the place was still packed with parking going down the street. A full place is always a good sign. Perhaps Social On 6 is the new hot spot.  Mahopac needs some good eateries and this may be one of the few in the area. It’s crowded for a reason so you best get over there to see what the hype is all about.  
Social On 6
944 Route 6, Mahopac NY 10541
(845) 803-8193

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