Good News on Peekskill Brewery’s Brews

As a resident of Westchester County, I feel it’s necessary to introduce our fellow readers to a home grown brewery that popped up a few years ago. Peekskill Brewery has been around for several years and has been written about in Westchester Magazinebut who better to check it out than the Food Dudes. I heard about Peekskill Brewery on several different occasions and the name seemed to pop up quite frequently when I searched for a good place to grab some grub. My first encounter of this place was during the holidays with my wife and the other Food Dudes. A few months passed and this warranted another visit.

It was a typical night for Arlene and I  as we were in search of a night out but we wanted to go somewhere that we hadn’t already been a numerous amount of times. She was in the mood to have a drink and promptly suggested a return to Peekskill Brewery to which I agreed. She suggested that we visit the bar on the first floor instead of sitting in the dining room that was on the second floor. I was all for it and in just a short amount of time we arrived. To our dismay, the bottom floor was packed and there didn’t seem to be a single seat available. Being that we were looking for a meal, we would just be in the way of the crowd so off to the dining room we were.

Garnishes sitting on the bar

We arrived to the brewery just in time. The bottom part was indeed packed, but there was just enough seating left in the dining room. Though we were offered a table, we asked if we could dine at the bar.  We took our seats and began. It seems as though Peekskill Brewery frequently changes out their choices of brews…and this is a good thing. They have a large variety of brews made right there on site: this is their specialty.

My flight

There is one thing that I especially like about Peekskill Brewery is their options of different sized glasses when it comes to having a brew. If you are not looking to pack on the carbs, they offer glass sizes such as tastes, halves, tulips, and of course, your standard sized pint. I would rather indulge in tasting a variety of their brews, so I ordered a flight, which is 4 tastes served on a wooden plank. My four choices were the Cream Ale, Hop Common, Eastern Standard, and the Shotgun Willie. Being someone who likes the taste of hops, Shotgun Willie was easily my favorite, but who is keeping count. Every single one of these tastes were delicious. I have to say that I have yet to taste a bad brew from Peekskill Brewery. On a previous visit I had the NYPA which is an award winning brew that won a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival and holds a solid 91 on Beer Advocate. Hoppy beers taste good during the cold winter months and the brews I listed are some of the best go-to brews.

Moving on to the meals that Arlene and I had, chicken wings and steak frites. Arlene is as passionate about chicken wings as she is her beers and being at a bar, she wanted their wings. These wings have easily fallen into the category of some of the best wings I have had. Hot, tender, juicy, and they pull apart perfectly. The end result of these wings, chipotle maple flavored, is a pile of bones, messy fingers, and the lack of modesty after lapping up the sauce from your face. We probably resembled a zombie from The Walking Dead after a fresh kill.

Actual footage from Arlene and I eating the chicken wings

Our main course was Peekskill Brewery’s version of the delectable French dish, steak frites. This was a cooked to order flat iron steak paired with truffle fries and topped with Moscow on the Hudson Demi-Glace. This added the perfect flavoring to the whole dish. This was definitely my favorite dish to have at the brewery thus far. The schnitzel was incredible a few months ago but this was my favorite of the two. 

I love it when a bar can serve up such a fantastic dish, though I am not even sure I would call Peekskill Brewery just a bar. They are a little bit more than that and in all the good ways. They are a fine restaurant with great food and incredible hospitality. Our server was also the bartender. He asked me to hashtag my photos to him that I took that night but I forgot what his hashtag was. I am sorry my friend. Dining here is cool because it separates the bar scene from the dining atmosphere where some places don’t give you a choice. Bottom line, just go to this place. It’s getting a lot of press lately and it wins awards for a reason.   
Peekskill Brewery
47-57 South Water Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 734-BEER

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