Lobsta. Lobstah. Lobster.

Sampling my way through LobsterCraft’s menu. That could be fun. It was. 
Some folks will hate me for saying this but lobster has never done much for me. It’s rather bland on its own and you can typically find it on restaurant menus just boiled and served with warm butter. If I wanted that I could make it myself for cheaper. That considered, I rarely order lobster when I’m out unless it’s done in a creatively delicious way.
If you live in Fairfield County (most of our readers probably do) you’re familiar with the LobsterCraft food truck that was started by Coast Guard Captain and lobster fisherman Captain William Michael Harden (Captain Mike) back in 2012. Since then, LobsterCraft has grown by adding walk-in businesses in Darien, CT and in New York City at 1 Penn Plaza. 
Hand-painted signs hang all over. Cool, vibrant colors, artful. I dig.

More signs. Notice the BYOB sign???!!! LobsterCraft Darien is small, just a few handfuls of stools and two long counters but BYOB rocks. Always. BTW, right next door is White Bridge Wines & Spirits.
More decor and a Shut the Box game.
I was recently invited to stop by the Darien location for lunch to try a bunch of their lobster-centric menu.
Could they change my opinion of lobster? 
Lobster Bisque: I started here because where better to begin than with a bisque on a frigid day? The broth had that lobster flavor and was seasoned wonderfully. The best part was that the chunks of lobster were not chewy and overcooked. LobsterCraft adds the lobster meat right before they serve it. A small detail with a major payoff. 
Clam ChowdahChowder: Again, perfect on a chilly day. And again, another good soup product that did not lack seasoning or actual seafood. This chowder had big time clam-age going on.
LBLT: Oh yeah, that is what you think it is, a lobster roll BLT! Bacon does make everything better and the lobster in this roll was fresh and tender and it usually comes with garlic aioli but we requested some habanero butter in addition to the aioli to turn up the heat. Slightly spicy but it wasn’t overwhelming. Try it, it’s a good addition.
Crab Cakes: These two giant sized, meaty crab cakes were perfectly seared to achieve that crispy texture on the outside with a melt-in-your-mouth feel on the inside. They’re served with a really good spicy remoulade and the crab cakes sit atop of a split-open, buttered and griddled hot dog roll. I took a few sample bites as the dish is served but if I ordered just the crab cakes I’d fold one over and make a crab cake sandwich. #ProTip
Lobster Pot Pie: These fall more into the To-Go category because they come frozen and are mostly for heating up in your own home and in your own oven since they take 45 minutes to cook. They heated one up for us and it was a piping hot experience with creamy gravy, chunks of lobster and plenty of veggies. 
Mac-N-Cheese: OK, so yeah, this was freaking amazing. A gooey, creamy, three cheese blend (cheddar, gruyere, Jack) with lobster and kielbasa. The cheeses used were spot on, especially when factoring in the nuttiness from the gruyere, but I loved the saltier addition of kielbasa in with the subtle lobster, and a crispy breadcrumb topping will never not be appreciated 🙂
If you’re still wondering if my opinion of lobster is the same as before then you obviously weren’t paying attention. I’m a believer and LobsterCraft had something to do with that.
I’m glad of two things though… 
One: LobsterCraft Darien isn’t too far from me in Norwalk. 
Two: They still have a food truck so wherever they are my Mac-N-Cheese spontaneity chances go way, way up.
284 Tokeneke Road
Darien CT 06820
(203) 655-5400
For info on the NYC location or to track down the truck, visit http://lobstercraft.com/.
Twitter: @LobsterCraft

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    Somehow haven't been here yet but I will DEFINITELY try it with my husband — especially now that I know it's BYOB!


  2. I was sort of in the same boat. I always saw the food truck but never tried anything there or at any of the locations. I've heard mixed things about some of their food but everything was good on this day. Give it a shot!


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