Fried Chicken Feast at Noodle Bar

I’m a little late with this one. 
Right before the holiday season, circa 2014 (yeah, so long ago), I got to cross off an item from my foodie bucket list, the fried chicken dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar.
On previous ramen-centric visits to Noodle Bar I noticed at least a few tables get delivered to them a giant plate of crispy, fried goodness and that always stuck with me. It’s a good thing I roll deep and know a bunch of good folks that are into the same thing I’m into, gluttony.
My friend Yamini made the reservation through Momofuku’s online system that can be made up to four weeks in advance and up to 48 hours for weekday reservations. Yeah, you need to register, have a credit card handy, and figure out how many of you are attending and the day, and I could make it a whole thing but yo, you can do the research yourself. I’m here to talk about the chicken.
First off, the $125 price tag is a bargain depending how many heads you can get to attend, four is the minimum, eight is the max, we had seven. If you order nothing else, no drinks, apps, noodles, buns or dessert, and bring the max people allowed, that’s only $15 and change per person. 
The $125 includes two whole fried chickens prepared two different ways; one is southern style, the other is Korean triple fried. The two styles of chicken come out with a big bowl of fresh veggies and herbs, Mu Shu pancakes, and four different sauces. 
Fried chicken mountain.

The southern fried had a thick, golden, crispy crust and was seasoned liberally with Old Bay. The chicken was juicy on the inside and as a whole it did not lack for flavor. Was it the best prep of southern fried? No. I’ve been down south. But I sure as hell wouldn’t pass it up. For some of you it may very well be the best you’ve had. My favorite prep, and I think my pals would agree, was the Korean. Crispy? Yes. Juicy? Also yes. The best part was the sweet, even so slightly sauce that coated each piece and that “crisp” I mentioned, it stayed like that even with the sauce. 
Sauces starting from top left: bibim, hoisin, ginger-scallion, jalapeno-garlic.
Don’t worry though, I didn’t forget about the veggies, herbs, sauces and pancakes! I first wanted to try to chicken on its own without interference. After that I played around with different combos. I rolled up the chicken in a Mu Shu “taco” and I even made lettuce wraps. It’s tough to pick a favorite because your options are endless but for me, this was the most fun part of the meal. The ability to create and essentially play with your food is awesome.
Before you start thinking, “That’s not enough food,” well, we all thought it was. There was enough chicken to satisfy everyone and you have to take into account something really simple, not everyone has the same appetite. While some had two pieces, I easily took down 4-5.
Noodle Bar’s fried chicken dinner is something I would take part in again in a minute. It’s reasonably priced, the quality is there, and it makes for a fun night out for you and your crew. Do it, homies.
For more info about the fried chicken dinner and for reservations, CLICK HERE.

For EVEN MORE info check out Noodle Bar’s FAQ page.

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  1. Sounds like a fun night and the price can't be beat! Gluttony? I'm in!


  2. Good fried chicken is never a bad thing 😛


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