A Bit of Peekskill’s History and Amazing Tapas at the Iron Vine

Iron Vine on Main Street in Peekskill, NY

Recently, I had the honor of dining at a little place in Peekskill, NY called the Iron Vine. My wife, Arlene, and I were in the mood to try something different than what we usually had on the weekends.  It was a Saturday night and we craved something unique. We needed to venture past our usual dining experiences and try something “off the beaten path” so to speak. After I researched places in proximity to us, we stumbled upon Iron Vine in Peekskill.

I am glad to see that Peekskill has been on the “up and coming” lately when it comes to the some good dining, so when we came across Iron Vine in our research, I was more than pleased to support the new businesses of Westchester County.
Iron Vine is located right on Main Street in Peekskill, NY. Its location dates back long ago to the late 1800s and has recently been restored by their chef. The essence of the early years still lingers in the bricks on the dining room walls and the reclaimed wood and antiques that once belonged to the city long ago. Iron Vine holds the history of Peekskill in is fixtures and décor and any Westchester resident would appreciate it.
A vintage light fixture hangs over our table
Antique meat grinders line the wall
The combination of brick, aged wood, and stone accent the style of the dining room
We arrived at 7:30 on a Saturday night just in time for our reservation. Otherwise it would prove impossible to get in because this place was packed. Just large enough to seat 40 people, it had reached its maximum capacity no more than 20 minutes after we arrived. This was a dive place and a dive place at its finest.  The menu offered a variety of dishes, but the more popular was the tapas. Iron Vine stand out for its fine tapas and the unique tastings that it offers. This is not your standard place to order a burger and fries, or a plate of nachos, but something that will stimulate you taste buds to the extreme.
Arlene and I skimmed over the menu reading both the tapas, or small plates section and the entrees. The entrees looked pretty tempting, but what really jumped off the page was the large variety of the tapas. I mean, after all, Iron Vine is well known for its tapas.
The More Good Root and Rye
We each ordered a cocktail from the menu. She went with their white sangria while I chose their More Good Root and Rye cocktail. This advertised their Rittenhouse Rye so that was a sure seller. Needless to say this drink pleased to the finest. Instead of having a tapas and a main dish, we decided to take the route of ordering multiple small plates like beef empanadas, falafel hummus, homemade chipotle BBQ wings, and a platter of some meats and cheese.
Falafel Hummus
The meat and cheese platter didn’t stand a chance at our table. This was served on a block of wood with several sides of olive oil coated almonds, sliced aged cheddar, pickled onions and prosciutto as well as other treats. The beef empanada was so delicious that we had to order a second one, and the falafel hummus was by far my favorite dish. This concoction of homemade falafel over roasted garlic hummus and lemon spicy tahini with za’atar and a pita was something special. The idea of ordering this dish came about when Arlene informed me that she saw it come out several times, so we figured it was one of their more popular dishes. I fell in love with this dish and made sure I cleaned every bit.  The beef empanada came out hot with an egg cooked on the inside of it. This was the first time I ever had a beef empanada like this and it was also the best beef empanada that I ever tasted. Like I said, we ordered a second one! We couldn’t leave without having one last taste.
Beef empanada 
Iron Vines Tapas menu offered a lot more than what we ordered so that’s enough for us to return. They also offered several favorite deserts, including the popular Pan Dulce de Chocolate. A dark chocolate bread pudding topped with a cocoa whipped cream and a rum caramel sauce. Unfortunately I filled up on everything else, but I will surely return for that desert. There is no doubt that you will leave happy from Iron Vine. It offers Peekskill’s history, amazing cocktails, and to-die-for dishes. I highly recommend you visit this little dive on Main Street if you are looking for some extreme taste bud stimulation.
Iron Vine
992 Main Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 930-8506

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  1. Thanks for posting this review. I've heard many great things about the Iron Vine and this reminded me I have to try it. I'll be sure to make reservations!


  2. Damion says:

    Everything there is so good. Beautiful place too. You will love it.


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