Beer Chat: Founders CBS!

Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.
When Cask Republic Stamford announced they were hosting Founders Night, I was pretty stoked. Founders Brewing is one of my favorite breweries as it is but then it was announced that a mystery beer would be tapped on the night of March 23, 2015.
I immediately knew what this meant.
Have you heard of CBS?
You read that right, CBS. Some of you that don’t know might be thinking, “Does he mean KBS?” No. Trust me, I love KBS, I know about KBS, I still have a bottle of KBS aging from last year’s release.
CBS stands for Canadian Breakfast Stout and it’s about as tough to come across as any rarity in the beer world. If you live on the East Coast you might have better luck stumbling upon Nessie, Bigfoot, a pack of Chupacabras and a couple unicorns sipping beers by a fire pit at a block party thrown by Martians. 
Yeah, that rare. In fact, I don’t remember ever hearing about it or seeing any post from any bar in Connecticut about CBS. The only time I ever saw anything about CBS being tapped anywhere close to here was on Barcade’s Instagram account and I seriously almost hopped on the train (and then subway) just to get a pour.
In the weeks leading up to Founders Night, Cask Republic posted teaser after teaser, and even though I knew deep within my soul that CBS would be that secret beer, they wouldn’t give me a straight “YES” answer, it was essentially a bunch of short conversations in code. They did, however, reveal it in a few silly, but well done movie style trailers a few nights before the momentous occasion. 
My first thoughts on CBS…

Rob’s review.

Got excited when I received a little more.
On the night of, I arrived in plenty of time and enjoyed a few other great Founders brews; Rübæus, Blushing Monk, and Nitro Oatmeal Stout. At 6 p.m. sharp it was time and I was warmed up and ready and everyone that waited was guaranteed a glass of this black liquid gold.
Once on my table I began sniffing this imperial stout as if it were a fine wine. It had that smooth, boozy smell, and upon first taste its coffee & chocolate notes hit you in a pleasant way. CBS (10.6% ABV) packs a punch from its time spent aging in bourbon barrels but you’ll also get a decent amount of sweetness since those very same bourbon barrels were used to age Michigan maple syrup. 
The first pours.
CBS is one of the hardest beers to obtain and it’s one of the highest rated on most, if not all the well-known beer aggregate sites. I was thrilled to not only get one full glass, but to get another four ounce pour was my version of beer nirvana. This might have been a once in a lifetime brew. If I ever come across CBS again I might seriously cry tears of joy.

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