Mad (in a good way) About the NoMad Burger

Worthy of a last meal request on death row.
A trip to the casino used to be as certain as death and taxes when it came to birthday celebrations with the fellas, but lately the craze with my friends and I has been putting together a cocktail crawl in NYC. I put one together for my birthday in March and my friend, Chris, liked it so much that he wanted to do it again a month later when it was his big day.
Chris is one of my oldest friends and I wanted to be sure I picked some of the best spots I could find, but I kept in mind that I wanted to toss a few places in there that were new to me too. Chris’ Cocktail Crawl had to be centered around one food item in particular, a really kick-ass burger. That’s a promise I could deliver on.
A while back I wrote a review on a burger I had at Alder that was on NY Eater’s list of “The 11 Best New Burgers of 2014.” With Chris’ burger request combined with a burnt in memory of another burger on Eater’s list, I knew where we were headed for not only big beefy perfection, but for cocktails too, because after all, this was a cocktail crawl. Cue The NoMad Bar in NYC’s Flatiron District and is just north of Madison Square Park. 
And God said, “Let there be light! To shine upon your boozy libations!”

That’s that baller list. $198 tho? Maybe one day.
The NoMad Bar is part of The NoMad Hotel but has a separate entrance (10 West 28th Street). The bar is an obvious hangout for locals (yeah, some tourists too). We noticed that it seems to be a hot spot for nibbles and drinks after work. There was a buzz once inside this sleek bar and drinks flow in here bigtime. Their drink list is certainly plentiful and has something for everyone. Heck, even their craft beer selection is a worthy one and I’m sorry I missed out on the NOMADer WEISSE by Evil Twin that is seemingly only available in that particular area of NYC. The cocktails, although some are crazy expensive (one is even listed at $198), are worth your time. A standard $15 NYC cocktail at The NoMad should be adequate for those (like me and most) that are ballin’ on a budget.
We sipped on our cocktails delivered by The NoMad’s very handy table service while we waited a serviceable 30 minutes for our seats in the upstairs dining room. Once our table was ready and the waiter threw down the menus we immediately told him we already knew what we wanted.
“One burger each. Medium rare. Order of fries to split.” 
Baby, I’m amazed by you. The fries, if you must know, are house-made and served seasoned with deep fried rosemary and parsley, and come with ketchup and lemon aioli for dipping fun.
Uhhh, yeah 😛
The NoMad Burger is a true work of art. When it arrived at our table I had to admire it for a second before totally diving in and obliterating it with my mouth. The burger is complex in a way that the beef is dry-aged Pat LaFrieda chuck and is mixed with suet that melts during the cooking process and the grind also incorporates salty, fatty bone marrow for a pungent, beefy taste. Its texture was unlike anything I’ve experienced in a burger before; soft, almost pâté-like and juicy beyond belief. Other than all that complex goodness, it’s pretty much a no frills burger from there as it’s just topped with white cheddar and red onion and is served with a house brined pickle, carrot and onion. The burger needs no extra help and putting Heinz or whatever condiment on it would be a mortal sin. And btw, it comes medium rare unless specified otherwise, and you’d be a fool to deviate. 

After eating our NoMad Burgers, which took about 90 seconds (give or take), Chris and I briefly entertained the idea of ordering another but we agreed that returning with some friends that would love it as much as we did would be a good experience. It was easily the best burger either of us has ever had. If that ranking ever changes I’ll let you know.
The NoMad Bar
10 W 28th St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 796-1500

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