Amore: A Very Brunchy Sequel

We’ll be honest right from the jump; we weren’t sure about writing this one. Amore IS STILL AWESOME. We will go back, honestly, we’ll go back many times. The reason for the brunch review reluctance is because we thought the menu from 11 – 3 on Sundays would change a bit now that Amore is without Chef Jared Falco who invited us by to eat on Sunday Funday two weeks straight. While we’re sad that Jared (a friend to not only the blog but to me personally) is no longer at Amore, the menu he created is pretty much still standing, and we still really love Amore at brunch, or at any time of the day really.
The Vibe, Bro
You get a shot when you walk in. Do I need to repeat that? YOU GET A SHOT WHEN YOU WALK IN. That’s the only freakin’ way to start brunch and it’s not just a plain ol’ shot of Jamo either, it’s Amore’s awesome breakfast shot that’s made up of Jamo & butterscotch with a chaser of orange juice. My pals at OmNom said it best, “They go down way too easy.” Also worth trying is the do-it-yourself Bloody Mary Bar (if that’s your thing). I personally enjoy the bottomless mimosas that the bar staff will pretty much top off every time you take a sip. What’s not to love?

You can find boozy, dessert-ish drinks like this one.

Or something more my style; a High Life pony and a shot of Jamo. Hair of the Dog!

Both times at brunch I arrived early and stayed until after 1 or 2. I enjoyed the early quieter time but I liked it even more when it filled up and there’s even some background music by a DJ each week. Don’t worry though, they don’t crank up the volume, but it’s just loud enough where you can still nod your head to some tunes and still hear your crew act a fool. If you go on a nice day they’ll even take out the windows and have a bunch of tables outside if you dig dining al fresco.

The Grub
Amore’s full menu is available and you already know how we feel about everything here. Let’s be real though, if you’re here for brunch, you should brunch. There are usually a few breakfast pizzas listed and those flavor combos will change, but I think it’s a good place to begin brunch. The pizzas aren’t super filling and they’re great to share.

Hello, beautiful.

That’s got “nap” written all over it.

If you’re the breakfast sandwich type you should absolutely indulge in one of the guilty pleasure sandwiches on the menu. One is the BOH; chicken parm, fried eggs and Sriracha. The other is the BEC with extremely tender pork belly, super cremy ricotta cheese, scrambled eggs and a kimchi ketchup. Try both on separate visits, or do what we do, order both and trade halves with a food friend 🙂

Another goodie is the Savory Waffle with crumbled sausage, black pepper gravy, fried eggs and maple syrup.

For the meat lovers, start with the steak & eggs; sliced NY strip with a perfectly charred crust, served with duck fat potatoes, two poached eggs and a spicy Calabrian chili and truffle hollandaise that we could’ve eaten with a spoon. You’ll have fun swirling your beef in the hollandaise and the runny egg yolks. 

This. Every Sunday.

The first prep of the chicken looked like this.

Rob clearly about to pounce.

It then evolved to this. Easier to cook, easier to eat, just as delicious.

For us though, we couldn’t get enough of the fried chicken marsala. This is not your typical marsala by any means, it’s way more in the spirit of Southern fried than anything else. It’s served with cinnamon buttermilk biscuit crumbles, dabs of marsala gravy and fried eggs. With its deep crust, spot-on seasoning, and juiciness, it’s the best fried chicken I’ve had in Fairfield County.

Do ya have to ask?
For real though, we dig Amore and likely always will. At brunch it’s clearly a party in the quieter Springdale section of Stamford (that’s away from downtown if you’re not familiar). The next Sunday you have free, gather your clique and partake in some extra weekend brunch fun at Amore.
Amore Cucina & Bar
921 Hope Street
Stamford, CT 06907
(203) 357-1066

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cecilia says:

    Oh my goodness! You had me at bottomless mimosas.


  2. And bottomless they are. It's true too, Kelly (who is actually a cousin of one of the other Dudes) kept our glasses full. It was great.


  3. A shot when you walk in? Sold! The food looks fabulous! Glad to hear it doesn't get too loud in there. We dined at Barcelona recently in West Hartford and were disappointed that we couldn't even hold a conversation at the table because the DJ was so loud.


  4. That bothers me too. I don't like super loud restaurants or bars when I actually want to have a conversation with people. Barcelona and bartaco always have loud music and it can be a turn off to most.


  5. Jessie says:

    HIgh Life and Jame-O, way to go!


  6. Real straightforward, or a cheap drunk, if you will 😛


  7. Renee says:

    The savory waffle looks mouthwatering!


  8. It sure was good. It always helps when the waffle is on the lighter side too.


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