Recap: Captain Lawrence Beer Dinner at Cask Republic Stamford

I’ve been to a bunch of beer dinners but never at Cask Republic or The Ginger Man. That’s pretty ridiculous considering how often I’m at both. With the handful of beer dinners I’ve been to I learned that these events can be a crapshoot in terms of what you get. Sure, the beers are always good since I attend beer dinners in which I’m a fan of the brewery and the food (and pairings) have never been an issue. What can be the problem is attending a beer dinner where you get little to no info about the beers or the brewery. The memorable ones have the brewers in the house or it’s a good mix of brewers and reps.

I knew that when Cask Republic’s GM, Casey Dohme reached out and invited us to the Captain Lawrence Beer Dinner that we were in for a treat and I had no doubt whatsoever that they’d deliver on a great beer experience  with stellar food and they lived up to expectations. Each beer was explained, we learned a little about the process behind each creation, and got some info about the brewery.

If the six courses (amuse + five courses) weren’t reason enough to go, there was something extra to be hyped up about; Cask and Captain Lawrence brewed a beer together that was set to be released the night of the beer dinner.

Tap handle photo prior to trying Epicly Dope Citra Sesh IPA!

Damion, clearly excited about the newly released brew.

We showed up early and got a sneak preview taste of that special brew named Epicly Dope Citra Sesh IPA, a session beer, meaning low ABV that you can REALLY drink down. Their creation was a really drinkable 4.5%, double dry hopped with a bit of a florally/citrus bite. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that Cask Republic Stamford has it on tap but you can also grab a pint at Cask Republic New Haven, Ginger Man Greenwich & SoNo, and there’s some over at Post 154 in Westport while it lasts there.

Sun Block – Hoppy Wheat Ale

Can’t go wrong with a fried oyster. Not ever.

Also noteworthy: Scallop, pork belly, yellow broth (yellow tomatoes, saffron, butter)

A tease of the menu would be absolute torture since you can’t actually get any of it unless you can build a time machine that’ll take you back to June 22, 2015, so of course I’ll tease you anyway. Cask’s Exec Chef, Carl Carrion started us off with a killer deep fried oyster with corn bisque amuse-bouche that took us to opposite ends of the texture spectrum. The dish showcased both crispy and creamy. The oyster and bisque was served alongside a really dry wheat beer called Sun Block. It’s a solid wheat ale with a hint of banana flavor that finishes dry. 

Another goodie was the Lobster Shrimp Roll, a creamy mix of the two crustaceans, seafood salad style, atop crispy brioche with a side of grapefruit “ceviche.” This course was served with the Cask-CL collabo beer that paired well with the light seafood salad and the citrus in the beer melded with the citrus “ceviche” on the plate.

This needs to be on the permanent appetizer portion of the menu. So good I ate half of another portion plus my full one.

I’d groove on a giant bowl of oxtail and potatoes in the winter, by one of Cask’s fireplaces. With a beer, of course.
We ended with all rhubarb! Rhubarb tart, rhubarb ice cream, rhubarb crumble. A sweet tooth dish but you need that after all the savory. The hoppiness of Captain Lawrence’s Pilot Batch Red IPA balanced it all out.

Two other really major menu highlights were the Foie Gras with Pistachios and Caramel Popcorn and an exceptionally tender Oxtail & Potatoes, both of which could be and should be on Cask’s menu at some point. I made sure I dropped that hint to both Chef Carl and Casey.

I’ll quit the beer brag now, mostly because it’s like I mentioned, you can’t redo this one. What you can do though is make damn sure you aren’t left out of any upcoming beer dinners that may feature a brewing company you’re really fond of. Stay tuned to the Facebook pages of Cask Republic New Haven, Cask Republic Stamford, Ginger Man SoNo and Ginger Man Greenwich for future beer dinner and other cool events.

Special thanks to the crew that came over from Captain Lawrence and of course to Chef Carl, Casey and the entire staff at Cask Republic.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    I've actually never been to a beer dinner! After reading your post, I gotta change that now…


  2. I got to check this place out!


  3. Beer dinners involve quite a bit of pacing out, not unlike the dinners we usually go to but you've definitely got to pick and choose which brews you finish. Cask did a great job not pouring full pints and by not overloading the plates.


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