Beer Chat: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

For a while, Grapefruit Sculpin from the West Coast-based Ballast Point Brewing Company, seemed like a beer I’d never find on the opposite coast. This year though it has become increasingly more available and easier to find.

This summer, I started to feel like I might get shut out again and I even missed my chance to score some on tap a few times at more than a few bars. I got lucky when I was at Plan B Burger Bar in Stamford for a birthday. All the Plan B locations have a better than average craft beer selection and I knew I’d find something decent. As I scanned the chalkboard draft list I stopped, heart beating slightly faster than normal, and that’s because I saw it.
Grapefruit Sculpin. Freshly tapped.
The manager noticed my excitement and my friends just thought I was weird. Either way, he had a glass of Grapefruit Sculpin in my hand before our table was ready. Respect, brother.
I sipped this IPA, named Sculpin after the fish due to the beer’s hoppy “sting,” and noticed how the citrusy grapefruit calms down the hops really nicely. I ordered another and noticed its drinkability, even at 7% ABV, and how not-too-bitter it was. Yeah, I could crush a six-pack of this stuff. 
I got to talking more with the manager and he mentioned that if I could find Grapefruit Sculpin in bottles or cans that the grapefruit level is pumped up more than it is on draft. A week later I stumbled upon a six-pack of Grapefruit Sculpin cans at a local beer store and scooped it up. He was right about the increased presence of grapefruit. I was wrong not to buy more than one six-pack.

Side Note: Ballast Point reached out and told us that the level of grapefruit in GS is the same whether you get it on draft or in bottles or cans. So possibly it’s a mind over matter deal? I’m going with that 😉 

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  1. Alicia Ghio says:

    It's on tap at our local downtown Danbury beer garden tonight. Definitely trying it!


  2. Lucky! I'll be curious to hear your opinion. I know you and Renato love those hops!


  3. Funny my husband was just telling me about this beer tonight. He has a thing for grapefruit. I think he liked it. I will tell him about the draft vs can tastes.


  4. It's pretty highly rated on lots of beer aggregate sites. Definitely worth trying both because, you know, more is better 😛


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