Finally Grabbing a Large Pie at Belltown Pizza

Belltown Pizza is small. A few tables inside, mostly it’s a takeout joint. FYI: Lots of Lotto/scratch off hits at The Superette. Massage place? A front, maybe? Joking. Maybe.

You know those tiny takeout spots you pass by all the time but never actually go in and order something? After a while you even start halfway joking about it, like, “Maybe I’ll go in one day.”

And still you never go in.

That was the case with Belltown Pizza for YEARS.
The honest answer as to why I never went in? I didn’t know what to expect, if it was good or not good. Looks can be deceiving since it’s not in a centrally located area of Stamford, but it’s on the outskirts of downtown in the Belltown section, across from a ball field, nestled in a mini strip of stores and right next to a convenience store. I guess you can understand my doubts.
What made me more curious was I always saw people going in and out of Belltown Pizza. That’s usually not a fluke. Upon further review I noticed that they’ve been in business since 1994! 20+ years in biz is also no fluke. I’ve also heard from a few folks that it’s one of their favorite pizza parlors in Stamford. Hmm…Now that made me curious! 
Fresh out da box and into yo’ mouth!
On a lazy Friday night I decided pizza and beer went with the über chill mood I was in and Belltown Pizza popped into my brain. I needed to know what was really good about this place. When the order got called in, the large half meatball, half pepperoni was ready in about 15-20 minutes (that’s good wait time on a busy night!) and I was ready to dive into this piping hot NY style pie.
The result? Pretty damn great!
The meat toppings were embedded in the gooey, slightly oily (I like that) mozzarella. Meat under the cheese means no pepperoni sliding off your slice. Props to Belltown Pizza for doing something more pizza places SHOULD do. I haven’t seen it since Sonny’s in Norwalk closed down 😦
The pizza’s crust was well baked, not too chewy, and not too dense. It was thin, but not too thin, and it kept its slightly crispy crust. The flavorful tomato sauce was proper; not too little, not too much either.
All in all, Belltown Pizza delivers a pretty solid pie that I’d get again and again. Next time I’d like to try a sandwich or some pasta to go with my pizza. I can see why it’s a Stamford mainstay and a favorite of the locals.
Belltown Pizzeria
31 Belltown Road
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 325-3400

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