Beer Chat: Blushing Monk

I’m not the biggest fan of fruit beers but so far my lifelong beer journey has led me to a handful (or slightly less) that I really do like. One of those fruit beers that I’m into is dubbed “Blushing Monk” by Founders Brewing Company.

Even though Founders Brewing is located in Grand Rapids, MI, their brews are readily available at almost every beer bar or craft bottle shop in my part of Connecticut. Being that it’s a part of Founders Backstage Series, Blushing Monk was pretty much M.I.A. for four years, but they did resurrect it in 2015 and it started to show up in stores again in early spring. Previously to its re-release I was able to try it at a Founders Tap Takeover and then when the bottles came up, and when I happily stumbled upon a bottle, I immediately snatched one off the shelf to keep for a rainy day. 
Monk goes great with desserts. Had the bottle with dark chocolate brownies and raspberry Linzer cookies.

Rübæus & Blushing Monk are similar to what Abita does with Strawberry Harvest & Strawator. Rübæus and Strawberry Harvest are almost half in terms of alcohol by volume and fruit infusion of Blushing Monk and Strawator.
Blushing Monk is sweet, and usually I hate that, but somehow it’s tolerable. I attribute its tolerability to the fact that somewhere in there I can still taste hops so I know it is a beer, dammit! It pours a deep red with little, to no head, and its carbonation is a little more than average. If you’ve had Rübæus (also by Founders), Blushing Monk is essentially double that one. Rübæus is a raspberry beer too, 5.7% ABV; Monk, according to Founders, “is brewed with a ridiculous amount of raspberries,” and its ABV stands at 9.2%, that’s disguised well by the “ridiculous” (but delicious) amount of raspberries incorporated in the brewing process.

It was Blade (see video above) who once asked Reinhardt, “Can you blush?” After a few or more glasses of Blushing Monk, you’ll blush, and probably fall on your ass if you try to walk, but you’ll do it with a smile on your face 🙂
What are your favorite fruit beers?

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