Beer Chat: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Sometimes part of the thrill of a good beer is actually being able to obtain it. There are plenty of great ones readily available at every beer store but when one is so rare and you can score a six-pack, you feel like you’re in an exclusive club; you brag to your friends and you throw up a super annoying Instagram post to piss everyone off as you say, “I’ve got some, and you don’t, bitch!”
I’m guilty of all that and I did it when Not Your Father’s Root Beer from Small Town Brewery was still difficult to find in Connecticut. I had people all like, “Where’d you get that???!!!” or “OMG, save me one!” Beer peeps be trippin like that.
A couple weeks later, my exclusive club became a full-fledged parade because everyone had the stuff as the Wauconda, IL, based brewery upped production and distribution and it was everywhere in Connecticut, even at some grocery stores. My circle of friends proved it on every medium of social media there is when they snatched some up. Man, I was pissed off. It even took the luster off of a good “root beer” too. 
Ya gotta do it. Sorry for the Brooklyn Brewery pint glass and the obvious staging of this photo.
I’ll let bygones be bygones though, because it’s still a nice, drinkable brew that really does taste like root beer, so much so that even people who dislike beer (blasphemy!) have even told me they love the stuff. It’s got that root beer spice down pat and it’s sweet too, but somehow underneath it all, and after each sip, I still know it’s a beer. I like it served ice cold and about 10 minutes in the freezer should do the trick. If you’re trying to be a true badass, try it another way…in float form. You didn’t really need me to tell you that, chances are you’d have done it anyway.
Even though I’m over the fad, Not Your Father’s is still a solid creation and you’ll obviously have no problem finding any. However, you will have trouble finding the other versions. Other versions?! Yeah. Seriously. There’s two others; one is a limited edition seasonal available in 22 oz bottles and on draft (Illinois only) and it comes in at 10.7% ABV (the regular is 5.9%), and the other is so hard to get that it’s something of legend. That one? 19.5% ABV. If you get some, please share, I’ll make an amazingly annoying Instagram post to celebrate.

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  1. I gotta say… I hate root beer. So predictably I didn't like this one. But I hear you on the thrill of the chase!


  2. Ha! Yeah, liking root beer would have to be the first step towards liking this beer. Love the chase! I still have beers in my fridge for aging but they're so rare that I won't drink them unless it's a special occasion.


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